The Love VS Lust Video

It’s okay to be a virgin until you marry. It’s also okay to stop and stay sexually pure hence even if you have made mistakes. LUST RUINS EVERYTHING LOVE BUILDS! 

Please find out why here:




20 thoughts on “The Love VS Lust Video

  1. Temitope

    Great job man of God! Pls can I download the videos, if yes pls can I have the processes involved. Nonetheless I can’t watch or save the virginity video. Thanks. More Grace to you sir.


  2. Eniola

    I could not watch the video, how do I go about it? Am anxious to see it cos everything that comes through “love doctor” is always a blessing. Will be waiting for your reply


  3. mosunmola

    I’ve encountered a lot of heartbreaks now its hard for me to love. my parent told me to bring home a husband to marry and how can I take someone I don’t love home. its so hard for me because anytime I want to engage in any relationship, the past always ring a bell. pls what can I do.


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