Happy birthday to Doctor Love!

I will be thirty-two (32) on Wednesday, May 10th, by God's grace! I know social media connected to my sphere of influence would be inundated with appreciation, well wishes and prayers. I have already started reading some that bring tears to my eyes. However, I ask a favour of you. I am a man with …

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The Love Series (Day 14): Love Is Not Lust!

We've finally gotten to Day 14, the day that makes the entire month special; the "day of love". Today I choose to talk about something that has come to characterise February 14th, and that is lust. So, I'm saying, LOVE is not LUST. A dictionary defines LOVE as an intense feeling of affection and care …

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The Love Series (Day 10): Love Entails Compromise!

The difference between the successful and the failed is KNOWLEDGE. The difference between the successful and the VERY successful is the appropriate application of knowledge, called WISDOM. I just felt a need to remind you to put to use all you've been learning on this series. Okay? We are on Day Ten and we'd be …

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A New Year… A New Season

This blessed me. I hope it blesses you too!

Diary of a Celibate Woman

Hey guys! Please forgive my hiatus. I’ve been in deep thought about some stuff. Have you ever wanted to do something, but just not sure what that something was? I’ve been feeling this for some time and I think I may have an idea. I want to be able to help people but not exactly sure how to get to where I need to with it so I thought, why not post here as I’ve been doing and maybe it will lead somewhere else.  My testimony is a nice beginning.

Another reason I live my lifestyle is because of an abortion. In 1996, I met a guy after the abusive one I described in my post “The Start of it All”. He was really sweet but I honestly wasn’t ready for him. I was not together mentally, physically, spiritually, nor emotionally so how could I enter into a relationship? Not…

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Is NOSUM realistic?

Many thanks to everyone who has watched the video and passed comments and opinions across but I need more opinions. What is your take on sex before marriage? Please air your views as comments on this page. I sincerely want to know your take on the issue. And for those who found it difficult viewing the …

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You will win!

I have always marveled at the unparalleled ecstasy and thrill we experience whenever we win. I was sitting close to a lady sometime recently; she was playing Candy Crush! You should have seen her joy every time she won. I couldn't help smiling along, sharing in her joy. Winning is beautiful. I desire you to …

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The Greatest Poison!

Hey! Thanks for following my blog. If you have not, please do! You know what? I am presently bleeding, not physically though. Bleeding at heart! Do you know why? I see my society and yours slowly dying; our values being eroded so fast. Why, because of a silent poison we seem unaware of. What's the …

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