The Love Series (Day 15): Love Grows With Humility!

We have been talking about love for two weeks now, and this is the start of the third week. Please be reminded that I would start responding to questions from tomorrow so please send in your questions, even if they are private (your identity will be witheld); somebody else might just be going through the …

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Are you guilty of this?

The Palm Of Hadassah

Just in case you knew but forgot or you are seeing this word for the first time, Alibi means Excuses!!!

Right from the first humans that God created, we have been giving excuses for doing what we should not do and for not doing what we should. The interesting part is that most times, if not every time, those excuses look tenable and we feel others should understand. One thing I really want to emphasize here is that many times we want people to understand our excuses but we don’t want to accept their reasons for not being or doing their best. Really I believe excuses should not be part of our lives-we should give everything we commit to, our best always and when we fall short, we should take responsibility and not pass the blame. This is because there is always a better approach to getting things done but…

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You will win!

I have always marveled at the unparalleled ecstasy and thrill we experience whenever we win. I was sitting close to a lady sometime recently; she was playing Candy Crush! You should have seen her joy every time she won. I couldn't help smiling along, sharing in her joy. Winning is beautiful. I desire you to …

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