Thank God its CEO’s birthday!!!

She’s one daughter I love dearly. Please follow her blog if you can! She’s an upcoming bestselling writer!


“Welcome!, welcome people to ceoawiss’ official blog birthday party!!!”.
Hahahaha yes yes, take your seat. I wanna say once again a great thank you to my first dad and brother -Jesus for this great day that I landed in this earth gbagam!…my heart has been beating fast days before at the thought of today. I can remember my last birthday and how He made it full of pleasant surprises so today can’t be any different. Infact, it can only be sweeter*winks* trust Jesus.

I can’t say am sure if its appropriate to do this but just incase there’s someone here who needs to be inspired…it might interest you to know that this blogger is just 18 today! And am officially announcing that RIGHT AWISS CRAFT HOUSE WILL BE OFFICIALLY LAUNCHED SOON,YES! THIS YEAR! ( please keep visiting my blog to know when *winks*).
   “Clap people clap!!! Around of applause!”.

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