We need some love😁🙈🙈

Hello! I believe you are keeping safe. God watches over you and all yours. My children have just launched their YouTube channel. Please show some love and subscribe to their channel. Please click here to view their first video. Don't forget to like and subscribe🤗 Many thanks.

Happy Father’s Day 2020

I WANT TO START BY RENDERING A SINCERE APOLOGY! I am so so sorry to EVERYONE whose father has passed on. No one deserves to go through life without a Dad. I am sorry for your loss. May God be the Father you need and may He raise you a father(s) that will walk you …

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Why would anyone want to RAPE a six-year old like this beauty! (LONG-READ ALERT!) I asked myself what time is best to speak out on the ongoing cases of rape. Now that I am, please pause, read through, and share your thoughts. I have counselled teens for about two decades @mineministry and RAPE is prevalent …

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​She called Timi Adigun an Idiot!

Eeewoooo!!! See my life o! Do you want to know what happened? This girl insulted me sha! Pause a bit...how was your day? Hope it was a beautiful. Mine was splendid. I went out with my family and God surprised us. It was just amazing. We were FAVOURED. For you, trusting God for something, the …

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The Love Series (Day 1): Love Never Fails!

I want to say a big THANK YOU to you that you've decided to follow me in this life-changing series. Love has changed, and is still changing, my life. This is an attempt to share my life with you and share principles that I live by. I personally employ you to ensure you follow this …

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The Naked Man!

Hey! Thanks for visiting my blog again. Today, I have a very serious issue on my mind. It deals with nakedness but not literarily. You would get my drift shortly. Nakedness typically denotes shame. When a person runs mad, one of the first things those around him try to stop him from doing (apart from …

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