We need some love😁🙈🙈

Hello! I believe you are keeping safe. God watches over you and all yours. My children have just launched their YouTube channel. Please show some love and subscribe to their channel. Please click here to view their first video. Don't forget to like and subscribe🤗 Many thanks.

Are you a learner???

Don't be too hard on yourself. It's okay to laugh at yourself. Let me gist you small... I recall my first MC (compere) 'job' in OAU. It was at Amphi theatre for my fellowship, ECU. I borrowed a black tuxedo from my egbon, Tolu Otemuyiwa. I was feeling myself mehn. It didn't take me hours …

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Happy 9th Wedding Anniversary to us!

I LOVE YOU Hadassah! Happy 9th Wedding Anniversary to us. I want to celebrate you publicly, as I have and would always do, privately. Thank you Titi for saying yes in 2005. Thank you Didun for saying yes in 2007. Thank you Hadassah for saying I DO in 2011. You have made my life richer. …

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Happy Father’s Day 2020

I WANT TO START BY RENDERING A SINCERE APOLOGY! I am so so sorry to EVERYONE whose father has passed on. No one deserves to go through life without a Dad. I am sorry for your loss. May God be the Father you need and may He raise you a father(s) that will walk you …

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World Virginity Day 2020!

Happy World Virginity Day! We advocate sexual purity and dignify virginity.We encourage those who are sexually active to stop. No condemnation!We tell those who are virgins that there is NOTHING wrong with them.We honour God, ourselves and our future spouses by doing it right. Today is the 10th annual edition! We started this when people …

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The Conversation NO TEEN should miss

The conversation is on, 5PM DAILY @mineministry on Instagram Please tell all teenagers you know to follow. They will thank you later.Discussions in relatable forms. There are things they are going through they wont tell you! Allow them get answers from a safe platform like @mineministryTogether, we will be there for our teens! PLEASE SHARE! …

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Why would anyone want to RAPE a six-year old like this beauty! (LONG-READ ALERT!) I asked myself what time is best to speak out on the ongoing cases of rape. Now that I am, please pause, read through, and share your thoughts. I have counselled teens for about two decades @mineministry and RAPE is prevalent …

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