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I am Timi Adigun, also known as Doctor Love. Thanks for visiting! I am honoured you’re here.

Timi Adigun
TImi Adigun

I am a writer and I love putting my fingers to my laptop, phone or book as the case may be. I have been an active writer since my teenage days and I find a whole lot of fulfillment penning down life-changing thoughts and words.

I am here for you. I am writing because I know you will keep reading. I write on several topics at different moments of inspiration. However, there’s one end point of all my writings: TO LOVE ON YOU by being an expression of God’s l❤ve to you.

I desire my writings, recordings and every other thing on this blog, to bless you in ways no other material you’ve read or listened to ever has. It will be my joy that every time you visit this blog, you feel loved, renewed, hopeful, joyful and strengthened.

That would make my JOY FULL. Your comments and suggestions are always welcome. Remember, I am writing for you!

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Let me quickly introduce my family to you!

I am blessed with the best wife in the world, Hadassah, and endowed with amazing “rewards” called Eriifeoluwa, Ewaifeoluwa and Eniifeoluwa. My wife has a blog too and the posts there are life-transforming, please visit The Palm of Hadassah.

Please say a prayer for my family whenever you remember us. We are set to make this world a HAVEN OF LOVE!!!

I would LOVE to hear from you. Your connecting with me warms my heart and strengthens me to keep being a blessing. Please click here to connect with me.


I love you!