Words every TEEN will cherish!

You NEED to get this 33-day journal for EVERY TEENAGER you know!

I wrote the words in the journal in the space of 3 years (2004-2007). I compiled them in 2018 and I am just putting them up for sale now in one piece. TIMES AND SEASONS. I believe now is the right time to unleash the words!

It is an e-journal. 33 days. 78 pages.
I talked about different issues teengaers face and solutions to them.

Each day has a journal that the teen should fill, after reading the text for that day. You could ask your teens to send you their daily journal entries for accountability. And there’s a to-do section that enables them plan their day effectively.

Since it’s an ebook, your teen can either write out in a book or use an App that helps with writing on PDF.

The e-journal is N1,000.

Interested in getting a copy(ies), please message me personally on Whatsapp (+2348023458880).

You could buy for many teens and send me their email addresses and/or you could sponsor indigent teens to get copies.

Together, we will save the NEXT GENERATION!

Book design @jane_kareem

timiadigun #freshgist #journal #teens – #regrann

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