Happy 9th Wedding Anniversary to us!

I LOVE YOU Hadassah! Happy 9th Wedding Anniversary to us.

I want to celebrate you publicly, as I have and would always do, privately.

Thank you Titi for saying yes in 2005. Thank you Didun for saying yes in 2007. Thank you Hadassah for saying I DO in 2011.

You have made my life richer. I mean it everytime I say, IT JUST HAD TO BE YOU. It definitely could not have been any other.

Thank you for taking up from where my amazing mother handed the baton to you. Thank you for mothering me so well. You pamper me delicately. 🤗

Thank you for being my help, SUITABLE for me. I could not be doing ministry without an AMAZING SUPPORT like you. Thank you for being the best FIRST LADY/MAMA ever!!!

Thank you for how you tend and raise our three children. Many times, I pause and watch you do it. Other times, I pause and think about HOW YOU DO IT. You refused to take a maid for all our married years so far and you have balanced it all amazing well. We call you blessed, Maama.

Thank you for being the most intelligent woman I know. Your wisdom and humility while dropping it hot, is not from here. It’s obviously divine. I am privileged to be gleaning from your wisdom DAILY.

Thank you for being BEAUTIFUL. Or should I be thanking Daddy and Mummy 😁🙇🏽‍♂️
Your beauty mesmerises me over and again. I still, in all honesty, have not seen or acknowledged anyone to be more beautiful than you.

Thank you for being BEAUTIFUL on the inside, my Didun. How you forgive me and treat me like I never wronged you baffles me. You teach me grace and love everyday, my love!

Thank you for satisfying my every ‘manly longing’ 😁🙈 You have made it beautiful and deeply satisfying through the years and I look forward to more 🤪

I could go on and on…maybe I will, as whispers into your ears.

Titilopemi, Omo Oladepo, Iyawo Timilehin…my heart blesses you EVERYDAY. I am teary as I type my love for you and praise to you.

Disclaimer: Any issues we have ever had to deal with, I take responsibility. You have been in all ways, THE BEST! And my heart leaps and dances with the thought of you!

You are MY BLESSING from God. And you have made my life RICH and I have found NO SORROW in and with you!



Cheers to 80+ years more 🥂


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