Happy Father’s Day 2020


I am so so sorry to EVERYONE whose father has passed on. No one deserves to go through life without a Dad. I am sorry for your loss. May God be the Father you need and may He raise you a father(s) that will walk you through life and stand by you, as though they birthed you.

I am so so sorry to EVERYONE whose father is absentee or irresponsible. Yes! There are fathers like that. You didn’t and still don’t deserve that. You deserve a father who dots on you and covers you; a father who corrects and yet defends, who protects and preserves. May God, who touches the hearts of men, touch your father and make him do the needful.

I am so so sorry to EVERYONE whose father was/is ABUSIVE (verbally, physically, emotionally or even sexually). I honestly bleed in my heart as I type this. You DESERVE SO MUCH BETTER. I know this post might bring fresh tears but please know I am sorry. You are of great price. You are a great boy/girl, man/woman and NO ONE had the right to do that to you. If it’s still an ongoing issue, please speak out.

On behalf of all fathers, we are sorry for EVERY HURT. Please FORGIVE US, pray for us and find it in your heart to give us ANOTHER CHANCE!


To the Fathers who are doing it RIGHT, TODAY is for you! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR MAKING THIS WORLD A BETTER PLACE. We honour and celebrate you, today and always.

To the Adopted, Step and/or Spiritual Fathers who are doing it RIGHT, we celebrate you today. Thank you for all you do!

To the YOUNG MEN out there. Please don’t father a child until you marry your bride. And when you father children, treat them like they are the world, because they are! Love them, teach them, pray for them, play with them, provide for them, correct them in love, protect them, be a part of their lives, model goodness and kindness to them, be good to their mother…BE A FATHER INDEED!

Thank you for reading. Please share this if it is worth sharing. Someone out there NEEDS to read this.

Please TAG FATHERS you know/have in the comment section and appreciate them. If you know someone hurting too, please tag him/her.

Much love,
Timi Adigun

PS: There’s an ongoing thread on my Instagram page on appreciating people. Please visit my page on IG (@timiadigun) and find out more 珞

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