World Virginity Day 2020!

Happy World Virginity Day!

We advocate sexual purity and dignify virginity.
We encourage those who are sexually active to stop. No condemnation!
We tell those who are virgins that there is NOTHING wrong with them.
We honour God, ourselves and our future spouses by doing it right.

Today is the 10th annual edition! We started this when people thought we were crazy. Now, other bodies have started doing similar things.

Those who attack this usually do so, either out of guilt or resignation to the life they’ve chosen.

Our focus is not on the old but the young. The pre-teens, the teens who are in the valley of decision. We want them to know what God says about their bodies. We want them to know they can choose to do it right and avoid the pain, shame and complications of premarital sex.

Together, we would make this world a saner place!!!

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