Ladies, it is TIME!!!

SWITT Conference for WOMEN!!!
It is finally here. This vision has been brewing for years and now is the time for its manifestation.
Ladies, you are not ready for what is about to hit you!
My love and I would be pleased to host you on March 28th. Are you a woman, single or married? Then this is for you.
Not to worry, we have plans to take care of the kid(s) while you are at the conference.


We are very honoured to have Pastor Bola @bollarinwa taking us in the Word on that day.
The beautiful minstrel @ccioma would be leading us in worship.
We would be having talks, a panel session, networking, fun…and plenty pictures. It’s LOADED!
Tell a friend to tell a friend.
Please don’t forget to register ASAP as we have very limited seats for this first edition.
Please click here to register.
Much love!!!
#swittconference #swittmarch2020 #women #conference #lagos

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