Love Is Spiritual

The Love Series Season 2 (Day 14)

Today is practically the reason I do my Love Series in February! Happy Valentine’s Day!

Recently, I heard my wife talk about the origin of Valentine’s Day and I was wowed. Love dey o! People have done things for love in this world of ours. Today, let me not bore you so you can have time to spread your love. Let me speak briefly about love. This would be a little twist to the regular – Love is Spiritual!

Most likely today, all the energy and attention would be on the physical side of love. Very unfortunately, some people will do a lot of sex today, a lot of making out in the pretext of love, a lot of clubbing, partying, going out and all sorts of things happening today in the physical, for love. Yes, there is a part of that to love but I believe that sex should be in the confines of marriage. I’m not taking about that today.

I want to say the main focus of love should be spiritual. Why? As human beings, we are natural selfish so if we would notice, even in love relationships, the selfishness just keeps popping out, it just keeps finding its way to express itself, it just must come out, because we are naturally selfish.

It is the Spirit of God (that’s why I said it’s spiritual) on our inside that helps us to love the way we should. One of the kinds of love we have is called Agape, it is called Unconditional! The kind of love God has towards us. We cannot give what we have not received. When you have received the love of God then you are able to love people the way God has loved you. When you have received the love of God that He poured on you even without you deserving it, even when people offend you, you are able to let it go because you have received that kind of love.

I want you to know that love is spiritual. You need the help of the Holy Spirit to have a beautiful love relationship. I’m not saying there won’t be challenges even when you have God in your relationship, but it would be easier to bear and sweeter to go through.

So get to the spiritual side of love. If you have been focusing solely on the physical, that’s really scary because it will fail you some day unfortunately. But the power that comes from the spiritual side of love is what can take you through whatever storms come in your life and relationship.

So would you connect with the spiritual side of love? Peradventure you are reading this today and you are not even born again, that’s where it begins. Jesus loves you, let Him save you and pour His love on you then you will be able to love Him back and love your bae/boo/husband/wife like you never thought possible. Love is Spiritual!

By the way, I hope you know (this is on a lighter note though it might mean more to some people) that there are people who don’t love you, don’t like you or even hate you and they are fighting against you having a love life that works, they don’t want you to have a good marriage or a good relationship. So there are spiritual forces even against your love life working, you cannot afford to just rely on the physical, get the spiritual covered, get God involved in your love life.

Happy Valentine’s Day to you again!!! Keep enjoying love. Love is really beautiful!

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I love you!

Keep Living and Keep Loving!!!

Doctor Love

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