Love Fights

The Love Series Season 2 (Day 13)

I have counselled and spoken with a couple of people over the years and I discovered that they give up too easily. You love someone, you are trying to prove your love, trying to make the person know how much he/she means to you and it doesn’t seem to be working and almost immediately, you throw in the towel, you raise your two hands ‘I’m done! I’m so done!!!’.

I want you to know that is not how it works. Love fights! If you believe he/she is for you, you fight for him/her. I’m sure you know I’m not talking here in terms of physical fight. I’m not saying you should spill blood or tear someone’s dress. I’m not talking about jealousy or rivalry because as I speak, someone is probably thinking of the competition.

Your focus should not be on the competition, rather your focus should be on the object of your love. You fight for the person. You let the person know he/she is worth your time, your sacrifice and the energy you are investing in having him/her.

Love that cannot fight has a question mark to it. If you cannot go out of your way, you cannot do something extra, you cannot persevere, you cannot hang in there just to make sure you have the person, possibly you don’t love the person.

So if there’s someone in your life you really believe you love but things are not going the way you planned, I want to ask that you fight for that love, don’t lose it, don’t let it go, prove to that person, stay there!

A point might come when you have to finally give up but I’m asking ‘Have you really fought in the first place? Have you even tried to hang in there at all or did you quit after the slightest refusal or challenge?’

This might save your relationship, your marriage or something that’s really precious to you because you have not been fighting for it. My challenge to you today is: Fight for that love! Love fights! Love doesn’t give up easily.

For further counselling, please reach me on Instagram @timiadigun or on WhatsApp on 07034721385. For past or subsequent podcasts, please reach me on Telegram @timiadigun. I am committed to making your love life work so please feel free to reach me and I will reply you!

I love you!
Please Keep Living and Keep Loving!!!

Doctor Love

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