Love is Custom-Made

The Love Series Season 2 (Day 7)

I need you to know that every love relationship is unique. That person you love is a unique person, he/she is an individual with absolutely different character traits from the very next person, so there should be no comparison.

With love, please do not, do not ever compare! One person is absolutely different from another and just as well, the love relationship, the intricacies of the love between you and that person, would be absolutely different from any other you have ever had. So no room for comparison!

You learn from other people’s love relationships in books, in documentaries, in audio messages etc. Learn from others – your friends, your parents, your siblings etc but don’t put your spouse or loved one under any pressure to live up to those people’s expectations or the yardsticks those people have set.

Please create your own experience! I’m not saying you should settle for anything but I’m saying customize your own. Many times, we get dissatisfied in our love relationships because instead of focusing on our loved ones, we are looking at the other couple and saying ‘Oh, theirs seem sweeter’, ‘Oh, see how he just treated her’ etc

Own your own experience. Stop looking over the fence. Look at your own loved one and create the experience that you want. If you’re not satisfied with how it is, step it up, make it better, snap comparison out of your relationship and customize your own.

Love is Custom-made! It is unique to the individuals that are involved in it, unique to the man, unique to the woman. That said, I want to say that you need to create room, give room for errors.

We are human beings, we will make mistakes. For some people, their current relationship might be their first while for others it might be their fifth, whichever way, we are still human beings. Please give room for errors. I’m not saying that you should make making mistakes a custom but rather give yourself room for errors and give your loved one room for errors. Don’t be so hard whenever they make mistakes, we are human beings!

Finally, create a unique brand for your love relationship! Let people see your love relationship, see you and your loved one, hear about you or read about you and say ‘Ok, this is different!’, ‘Wow, how did they pull that off?’ Create your own brand. I’m sure you are getting excited about this!

Stop looking at the other people, learn from them if you have to but don’t put yourself and your loved one under any unnecessary pressure. Do it right by yourselves. Learn from each other. Create your own unique experience and between the two of you, come up with something and make it beautiful!

I’m reminding you that love is Custom-made. Stop the comparison, learn from others if you have to but create your own brand and make sure it is beautiful. I’m rooting for you and I believe the best about your love life. I believe it will work for you.

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I love you. I believe in you. I believe the best about your love life. Don’t go anywhere, suicide is NOT an option and that’s why I always say, Keep Living and Keep Loving!

Doctor Love

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