Love Communicates

The Love Series Season 2 (Day 6)

I talked yesterday about the love languages, one of which is Words of Affirmation i.e. speaking affirmative words and another is Quality Time in which you are expected to do a lot of communication. So, today I want to talk about communication. Love Communicates!

You cannot have a loved one you are not talking to so I want to ask that you make talking a culture, a regular thing. You might say that’s expected but I beg to defer because there are many couples, many people in relationships of different kinds that do not talk. You have to talk!

When you are in love with someone or in a relationship with a loved one, make sure the talking line is left permanently open. I suggest that you ask questions. Please don’t assume. Even if you are married to that person and you have been married for twenty years, don’t assume!

Learn to ask questions. Many marriages have been destroyed because of assumptions – ‘I thought you said that’, ‘I assumed you went there’, ‘I just felt that was what you were saying’. Ask! Let things be clearly stated.

Do a lot of talking. Ask a lot of questions. Do not assume. Please be open-minded. Don’t be biased about that loved one. You might have met the person a while ago and you just formed some biases about that person. Erase those biases, be open enough to have your opinions about that person changed.

So, Love communicates. Love that does not communicate will fade away. Ask yourself – ‘When last did I really have a conversation with this my loved one? When last did we really, really talk, not the hello-hi-good morning kind of talk? When last did we seriously talk, really talk about things, ask questions and sort things out?

Or have you been sweeping many things under the carpet, under the pretext of ‘I really don’t care’ whereas deep within, you care?

I challenge you to have a conversation with your loved one, ask questions, clear out all the assumptions and make it a lifestyle. Every now and then, find something to talk about. Keep the communication line open. You might need to read one or two books on communication if you feel you have issues with it because in communication, there are many things involved.

At times, your words are saying something while your body language is saying something absolutely different. In communication, it is not just about the words, it is also in your body language.

Then, are you actually listening? Because sometimes you are asking a question but you’re not really listening to the answer. I challenge you today – with all your loved ones, please COMMUNICATE.

Summary of all I have said – Do a lot of talking. Please ask questions. Please don’t assume. Be open-minded and stop the biases.

I believe your love will take a new turn for good.

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I love you
Keep living and Keep loving!!!

Doctor Love

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