Love Starts With You

The Love Series Season 2 (Day 1)


I’m starting a series called the Love Series. This is Season 2. I did Season 1 three years ago, in 2016 and by popular demand, I’m doing it again this year. I want to dedicate Season 2 to some of the guys that said I should do this again. Shout out to Alex, to Obinna and to Daniel!!! Thank you guys for giving me the ginger to do this again. I will be talking about love for the next 28days of February.

Please try to follow through. There would be different things I would be talking about. It’s not scripted like it was in Season 1 so I would be freestyling, speaking from my heart. Please just enjoy!

Love Starts With You

Before we begin talking about love as regards other people , as regards what we do or what we don’t do, we need to come home first. So love, the mysterious love, that we all talk about actually starts with you! I want to talk to you about you, about loving yourself!

The first thing I need you to know about is this – You need to know yourself! Do you know yourself? Many times we get carried away by what people say about us, about people’s opinions about us. We get carried away by the hypes, the criticisms, the applause that people give us but we don’t take time to really know ourselves. So do you know yourself?

Do you know your strengths? Your weaknesses? Your giftings? The things you need to work on? What you can really applaud yourself on? What parts or aspects of your life that you know you need to deal with? Do you know yourself? Can you write an essay about yourself and get an excellent mark? The first challenge I want to give you today, February 1st 2019 is know yourself! Love yourself by knowing yourself. Take time to know yourself.

I also want to ask you – Do you spend time with you? Do you spend time alone with yourself? I have an amazing family that I am forever grateful to God for but every once in a while, I take out time to be alone to spend time with myself and be in my own company. I know people who cannot be alone for 5 minutes, they have to chat with someone or walk out of the house to see someone. They are just afraid of their own company. That shouldn’t be you.

Love yourself. Spend time with you. Let there be times you are just sitting down alone, talk to yourself, have you-time! Spend time with yourself, that’s a way to love yourself. Be comfortable in your own company.

I want to ask you to also spend on yourself. I know people that spend on every other person but themselves. Yes they are being loving to others and helping others, which is good, but many times, if it is not balanced, you burn out and you begin to get bitter at those you were helping because you helped them at the expense of yourself. So spend on yourself! I’ve said spend time with yourself, now I’m saying spend money on yourself. Once in a while, take yourself out on a date.

Take yourself out to the mall and buy things for yourself. Indulge yourself with ‘good’ pleasures. Spend on yourself. Take care of yourself. Get good clothes, they don’t have to be expensive but let them be decent and fine. Look at yourself in the mirror and be proud of what you have been able to do for yourself. That’s a way of loving yourself -spend on yourself!

I’ve discovered that for those who take care of themselves, people outside tend to love them, people looking at them are attracted to them. But people who don’t take care of themselves, instead spend all they have just on other people, are repulsive to other people.

Peradventure this is for you, you have been wondering why people don’t love you with all all you do for them, possibly they don’t see anything in you to be attracted to. I’m not saying you should be self-centered or selfish. You will learn the balance as we continue in this series but I’m saying please spend on yourself.

Please forgive yourself! We are all human beings, myself inclusive. We make mistakes, we blow it once in a while. There are things I look back at and I say ‘Timi, what was that? How did you do that? Why did you do that? What were you thinking?’. But I’ve learnt to forgive myself.

God has forgiven me for which I am thankful. I have also learnt to forgive myself. So love yourself by forgiving yourself. If you have made mistakes or you’ve done things you are not proud of, we all do, forgive yourself. Love yourself enough to forgive yourself.

I want to encourage you to encourage yourself! Many times we are waiting for people to send us encouraging messages. That’s beautiful but it doesn’t happen that way all the time like that. Every now and then, encourage yourself, say a good word, Pat yourself on the shoulder, give yourself a thumbs up, nod your head towards yourself, tell yourself ‘That was good, that was impressive!’ Don’t like to yourself but when you do something worthwhile, something worth celebrating, please celebrate yourself.

In contrast to encouraging yourself, learn to correct yourself! When you goof, make mistakes or blow it, correct yourself. Take time to tell yourself ‘No, that was wrong, apologize to her’, ‘No, you shouldn’t have said that, apologise to him’, ‘Oh No, you shouldn’t have done that!’. Whenever you go wrong and you have a conscience check, correct yourself and don’t do like it didn’t matter. Loving yourself is also about correcting yourself when you go wrong.

There are so many other ways I could talk about loving yourself but let me end today by saying – Laugh at yourself! I think many people are too hard on themselves. This might be connected to forgiving yourself but not directly, they are not absolutely the same thing. Laugh at yourself. There are times I remember things I did as a teenager, as a kid, things I did in my early 20s and even things I’ve done in my 30s and I’m like ‘Timilehin, that was silly!’. We will make mistakes, we will do embarrassing things in life. Laugh at yourself, don’t be too hard on yourself!

My point today is love starts with you. Enjoy yourself. Take care of yourself! The topic tomorrow is Love is not selective!

I believe in you. I believe in love. I’m sure by the time we are done with this series, you will understand what my heart is about love. Love is sweet. Love is beautiful and we can all enjoy the fullness of love.

To get the audio recording of this, please reach me on Telegram @timiadigun
You can also send in your questions and get counselled on IG @timiadigun.

Wishing you a beautiful day. I want to tell you to keep living and keep loving!!!

Doctor Love

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