Love Is Self-Healing

The Love Series Season 2 (Day 3)

True Love has the capacity to heal by itself if you let it. True love has the power to forgive, the ability to forgive when it is offended. Most times, we are the ones that complicate it. If you do a little flash back, I’m sure you will remember there was (or possibly there is currently) someone in your life who really offended you. Immediately the offense was committed, you had a flash of ‘Ok… Let me forgive him’. But shortly after that flash, other thoughts like ‘Why should I forgive him?’, ‘Can’t you remember what he did?’, ‘Can’t you see how much he hurt you?’ come rushing. Then the voices of friends, voice of family, voice of reason and voice of logic come. All these voices begin to come together and you cannot hear the voice of love speaking any more. Sure you can say you have experienced this first hand, right?

Love has the capacity to forgive. Many times we allow our feelings, our rationalisation, our 3rd-party thoughts, third party words and third party opinions to becloud and overshadow the voice of love. Love forgives. Love is self-healing. You practically don’t need to give love the push to forgive. It is innate for love to forgive. Love is characterized by the ability to heal and forgive after an offense.

Love has the capacity to hold on and believe for the best even when offended. True Love empowers us to say ‘I will still believe that he will change’, ‘I will believe for the best. I’m not talking about extreme cases of physical or sexual abuse. I’m talking about every day offenses that we blow out of proportion.

Love has the capacity to say ‘I will forgive’, ‘I will give him another chance’, ‘I will give her multiple chances to make it right’. Love has the ability to overlook wrongs. You see what the person just did to you was really bad but you do as though you didn’t see it, you didn’t hear it or it didn’t even matter. It is a high call and it’s really difficult but I’m talking about love here. Love has the capacity to overlook wrongs so just do as if it never happened.

Love is a force in itself. It is actually the most powerful force on Earth. If allowed, love has the capacity to bounce you back from any hurt or disappointment. If you allow the true power of love to work, you can bounce from any hurt or disappointment. Many times, we drown the voice of love saying ‘She must pay for what she did’, ‘he must suffer for what he did’! Love is always speaking forgiveness, always trying to heal itself but many times, we silence it.

So my friend, are you going to allow love to empower to heal and to forgive? For that person that offended you, are you going to allow the voice of love rise above everything other voice and you say ‘Ok …. I will let it go’? Are you going to allow the voice of love to be the only voice you hear when offenses arise?

Love is beautiful. Love is self-healing. Live empowers you to forgive. Are you going to to allow love do its work in your life, in your relationships, in your marriage? Are you going to allow love make the difference? If you do, you will be glad you did. I really hope you do.

Let love empower you to heal, it is worth it and it is possible!!!
I deeply love you and believe the best about you!!!

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Keep living and Keep loving

Doctor Love

2 thoughts on “Love Is Self-Healing

  1. owunmireadywriter

    “…It is a high call and it’s really difficult but I’m talking about love here…”
    That’s my take home.
    Thank you for sharing and being pragmatic at it, sir.


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