Love Is Not Selective!

The Love Series Season 2 (Day 2)

We live in a world where people love for reasons, people find a reason why they should love. I want to challenge you not to make that your case. Love does not discriminate. It is not selective.

Love does not look at the colour of the skin. Love does not look at the gender of the other person. Love does not even care about the religion of the person. Love does not care about the person’s social status. Love does not care about the person’s educational background.

Love does not even care ( giggles) about the person’s accent, if the person has a Chinese, Indian, Nigerian, Yoruba, Ibo or Hausa accent, it does matter. Love does not care about the physique of the person – slim, on the big side, chubby or whatever- love does not care. So my point to you today is love is not selective so your love should not be selective. Your love life should be a lifestyle!

There are some people, the only people they gravitate towards or the only people that enjoy love from them are people from the opposite sex. I’m asking – What’s up with those that look like you? Love is not discriminating. Love is generous, be generous with your love. Make love your lifestyle. Don’t target it at anyone but everyone! I repeat : Don’t target your love at anyone but everyone! Let everybody, every single person, that comes in contact with you, be able to taste and to touch love when they come in touch with you.

Be lavish. Be generous. Be extravagant with your love. Just give it freely. Love strangers. Love people you have never met before, people that don’t expect you to love them, people that don’t expect you to do them any good. Just take it as a personal decision: I will love anybody, I will love everybody!

So as you go out today, as you go to work, as you go to school, as you go to your place of Worship, as you go to the marketplace, as you enter whatever means of transportation you use, show somebody some love. Smile at someone.

Help someone lift an heavy load. You could pay somebody’s meal bill. You could pay for somebody’s transportation. You could offer to give somebody a ride without asking for their phone number after, that is, without anything in it for you. Just love people!

When you get to a place, don’t start looking out for ‘ Who is from my religion here?’, ‘Who speaks my language here?’, ‘ Who can I form a clique with that rolls with the things I roll with?’, ‘Who is like me?’, ‘ Who has the kind of money I have?’, ‘Who has…..? No! You never can tell the person who is not of your level, the person that does not look like you, the person that doesn’t not talk like you ….. that needs you.

This world would be a SWEET place if we can all look away from our sentiments, look away from our prejudice and just love people!

So today, I’m telling you – Don’t let your love be selective! Let it not be directed at young people alone and exclude the old people or directed towards the old and exclude the young. My point is anybody and everybody should be able to enjoy love from you.

Please look out and everyone you have a chance to love, love them – the waiter at the restaurant, the teller at the bank, the driver in the bus! Everywhere you go, just show somebody some love, extend a hand of fellowship, make somebody’s day, put a smile on somebody’s face!

Today, don’t be selective with your love, please give it freely to everyone!!!

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For your comments and questions, you can also send me a direct message on Instagram @timiadigun.

I love you😉

Keep Living and Keep Loving✌️

Doctor Love

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