Love Is Active

The Love Series Season 2 (Day 4)

Love is Active. A C T I V E😁. I had to spell it out because we live in a world where people say ‘I love you’ and the only thing you want o ask is ‘Really? I never knew!’.

People say love is a feeling, love is NOT a feeling. You have heard people say love is a choice, now I want to add that love is an action! When you love,you do something about it.

Love is expressed through our actions. You don’t expect your loved ones to be mind readers or for them to have some extra terrestrial sensing to be able to know what you feel towards them. You need to express it. You need to do something about it.

Love is active. It is an active phenomenon. You do something. Love compels you to do something for the one you love. Love does not allow you to sit on your behind, or be passive, or be dormant as do as though nothing is happening. Love makes you wake up in the morning. Love makes you stand up, makes you dream, makes you creative.

Really, if you let it, love brings out the best in you because you just want to do something for the people you love. You just want to do something extra, something impressive, something out of this world for the people you care about and claim to love. So if you claim to love something, and all through your love span, you haven’t done anything for the person, you haven’t made a move to show the person how much the person means to you, it means there is a question mark on the love you claim to have.

Love is active. Love stirs up. Love stirs up something in you to want to do something exceptional for the object of your love. I want to challenge you today to make love active in your life!
Make the action part of your love a culture.

Make it a culture to do something special for that loved one as often as possible. As often as you can, do something special. I’m not saying you have to get overwhelmed, asking ‘Oh, what have I done?’ or ‘I have not done anything in the last one week!’. I’m not saying you now make it a chore that you begin to dread. I’m saying that true love does not just sit on it’s behind, it does something!

My point to you is – Begin to think ‘What can I do for him/her this week?’ ‘Oh, we are in February, what can I do to make it special?’.

Now many of us are thinking about Valentine. Love is more than February 14th. Love is every day! What special thing are you going to do in March? What awesome thing are you going to do in April? What crazy thing that will shock him are you going to do in May? What are you going to do for her birthday? What are you going to do for his anniversary, maybe his graduation or something. In fact, it does not have to be a special occasion. Customize your experience.

Don’t let your love be passive. You know why? When we stop making moves, or doing things or connecting to the creative part of our lives about love, we begin to rid love of it’s true essence.

Love wants to be expressed. Love wants to find an expression. Love wants to be seen. Love wants to do. So don’t kill your love for that person, find something to do.

I’m going to repeat it because terms and conditions apply – Don’t let it become overwhelming or a chore or a burden. I’m challenging you not to be passive. I’m sure that your relationship might have suffered in one way or the other because your husband or wife or loved one is saying ‘My dear, you have not done anything for me in recent times! I don’t feel your love! It’s been a long time since I felt you!’

That hurts relationships because we want to see, to hear and to feel loved and how that happens is by what our loved ones and or partner does for us. So I want to challenge you to think deep, go into your thinking room and ask yourself – What special thing can I do for my loved ones today? I’m sure you would be pleased and he/she would be pleased too.

Make it special and creative. Please you don’t have to borrow from the bank to do it. It doesn’t have to be expensive or over the board, but make it special. Love is active. Do something for the people that you love. I believe you will be glad you did.

I love you. I believe the best about your love life and I believe it will work for you!

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Keep living and Keep loving!!!

Doctor Love

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