I ask myself this when I see throwback pictures. This was 15 years ago πŸ™ˆ
And guess what? I had ladies crushing on me and vying for my attention…lol 😎

I think the chemistry in those days was sweeter because then we didn’t have superficial connections over social media, giving us ‘virtual’ friends.
We TALKED, we KNEW people, we COMMUNICATED. We WROTE letters in our own HANDWRITINGS. Connections were REAL…
That is talk for another day. I have a #beeftofry this morning.

When did we become like this? In my days πŸ˜‹, when a guy loved a lady and believed she was God’s will for him and he had marriage in view, HE ASKED HER OUT! He was man enough to declare with precision and confidence his desire. He was secure enough to get a YES or NO!!!

What do we have now?
We have guys who will ask a lady, “if I was to ask you out, what would you say?”
What is that? STOP IT! In the wooing stage, the lady is not to be on the hot seat, we (guys) are! We are the ones that should stand the chance of being accepted or refused, not the lady. We woo, pursue, chase…
Guys now want the lady to “show signs” that she is interested or seem desperate, then they enter as “knights in shining armour”. Haba!!!
Until my dying breath, I would forever feel blessed and privileged that Titilope said yes to me. I wooed her, I was serious. I didn’t back down. I made her know it was her I wanted. I was secure enough to stick it through and I got my queen, PRAISE JESUS!!! 😎
Sir, if you believe she is the one, you have God’s approval, you love her and want to marry her, then DO YOUR WORK! Ask her. Make her feel as special as she deserves to feel.
She might have a lot on her mind, so give her time but be intentional about seeking her. When a virtuous woman gives you her YES, she will be true to you. So, don’t feel you’re belittling yourself by seeking her out.
And if she says NO, be man enough to accept it without a grudge. If you are mad at her for saying NO and cannot be her friend, then you never really loved her.
Guys, let’s make our women proud! πŸ˜ŽπŸ€—
Ladies, I have #beeftofry with you but not today.

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