This will be another long read but again, I’m sure it would be worth your time.

In the picture to the right is my Esther doing the filling-bottle thingy. Seems I’m getting inspiration from Ewaife lately.

Now, I’m sure many of us have seen the video that went viral of a young boy that ran his relay quarter race backwards. Then, shortly after a video went viral and people said “see his sister”. It was a girl who filled her bottle in a competition and went back to empty it into the bucket.

I was amused at first until the Holy Spirit convicted me.
That girl is someone’s daughter. That boy means the world to some people.
Can you imagine my shock, embarrassment and bitterness if it was my Esther that made such a mistake and the whole world was sharing it and laughing at her, calling her names???

Some jokes we make are at other people’s expense. We laugh but we are killing others in the process.
Many comedians now make jokes on people’s accents, disabilities, mistakes and we laugh silly at the jokes. Would we be so amused if the jokes touched us or someone close to us?

Do you know people have parents they love so much that have ‘Ibadan’ accent?
Do you know there are people who didn’t choose to have polio that disfigured their legs?
Do you know parents didn’t choose to have that child with a birth defect?
And we sit and watch such and go the extra mile to share.
I have been guilty of this but I have decided never to be a part of this again.

Most recent is the “Karius of Liverpool” saga. I watched the match. I was upset at him. But I could see he was beating himself up already. I could imagine his shame. Did anybody have to rub it in???

Please, in our jokes, let us be sure we aren’t making ourselves look good and witty at the expense of someone else.
Many of the assassins/terrorists/despots/tyrants through history have been people who wanted to “pay back” those that laughed at them.
Can we make this world less painful for people? Yes we can! Let’s stop laughing at other people’s expense.

Let’s build up and not tear down.
Let’s commit to bringing smiles not tears.
Let’s choose to love!

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