Break Me!

Good morning family!

Yesterday was LIT at The Ark @thearkchurchng
We continued “The Potter’s Series”
“Break Me” will bless you as it did me! Do share with family and friends after listening!

Please click here to download!
Much love,

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2 thoughts on “Break Me!

  1. I listened to the sermon, and it was powerful. God looks at us and sees that we’re not okay the way we are. As a good potter, he then decides to break us and remake us. But the problem is, most of us resist him. We don’t want to be broken. We feel we’ll lose too much if he breaks us. We’ve been blinded by the devil’s lies. Whereas God’s intention is to break us, chip away the crooked and ugly part of us and remould into something more beautiful.
    Ah! May God help us all. May he help us to submit ourselves for breaking.
    You and wife are indeed blessing to this generation. More grace! More anointing.


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