Bad Belle!

“I have never been with a woman in my life, yet some call me a lesbian.”

“I have never defrauded anyone in my life, yet people that don’t know me accuse me of deceit.”

“I don’t have it in me to be proud but people that have no clue make their conclusions without knowledge.”

“I have never meant anyone evil yet some call me wicked.”

“I have never hurt a child in my life yet some call me a paedophile.”


Do the above statements express how you feel sometimes?


Please take heart!

They did same to Jesus, who knew NO SIN and did NO EVIL. How much more you and I, battling with our imperfections.


What am I saying?

When people judge you or criticise you, don’t take it to heart or take it personal. THEY DON’T KNOW YOU. And the saddest part of it is, they would do the exact same thing to the next person they get a chance to insult. They are just critical in their minds. And it’s such a sad life to live.

But thankfully, you are the one being criticised, not the critic. Means your life is worthy of attention plus you’re making an impact in your world. SO, keep doing the good you know to do and don’t let the haters slow you down.

Do you know haters would criticise a 10-month old baby who is already walking, giving reasons why he shouldn’t walk until his first birthday. Pathetic and Shameful!!!


I was hoping to teach my children to dance because I’m not very good at it (lol) and I bumped into a YouTube video where a young boy and girl (little children o) were dancing very well. They were having fun and the dances were decent. I went to comments and lo and behold, people were criticising them for “feeling like they know how to dance”…haba! Who does that!!!

As far as you know you’re doing what is right before God, and humanity, KEEP AT IT. Thankfully, there’s is a JUST JUDGE who sees all and rewards accordingly.

And if by any means, you are a critical person, please stop it. Get healing from your past hurts and start loving people with your words. I have noticed that most critical people are hurt, bitter, battered, abused, insensitive and unhappy…and they look for people to pour it on.

This is dedicated to every noble person that has been maligned, hurt and abused FALSELY! You’re loved and appreciated.

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