Daddy’s Love 

​See what David and Esther @titimies made me do this morning!

I have a ministration and would have to be out of the house ASAP but my children insisted on eating dad’s buns!

If you’ve never eaten my buns, you’re missing😂

If you have, share your testimony! 😀

I learnt to make buns from Mummy Adigun. 

Thanks to my kitchen host @virtuousoak and my kitchen assistant today @olayodejuliana

NOTE: That’s how our Father is. He is NEVER TOO BUSY for His children. He would rather ‘delay’ attending to International issues than keep you waiting. 

God loves you and will meet your needs. But there are many things you would never get until you know He is your DADDY, He LOVES you and will do ANYTHING just to make your joy full.

Enjoy your weekend people!

Much love!!!




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