Does she know you love her?

​It’s not your birthday yet, and it’s not Mother’s Day.

You’re not leaving earth yet either but I won’t wait until then to celebrate you.

Sinmisola Olufunke Adigun  (nee Freeman), GOD BLESS YOU!

I told you privately that when people celebrate me, they are also indirectly celebrating you because God used you to groom me into the man I have become. 

You’ve been through a lot and I celebrate your strength. 

You are the best teacher and educationist I know. Right from your days at Anglican Grammar School, Ibadan; Eleyele Grammar School, Ibadan; Dansol High School, Lagos; to Yeshua High School, Ogun, you’ve left indelible marks in the lives of your students.

I am proud to have been your student in Dansol. I couldn’t have asked for a better principal that brought the best out of me.

You’re not without faults but your faults are barely seen by Timilehin because your heart of LOVE and selflessness covers it all. I learnt to love and give from you, traits I’d forever be grateful for.

Thanks for being the best wife to dad, John Olatunji Adigun. And being the best mother to Tomisin, Timilehin, Toni, and Toyitan.

Thank you for being an amazing grandmother to the many grandchildren God is rewarding you with. 

I make bold to say you’re fertile ground for sowing. The grace on your life that produced the amazing children you have is one to tap into. That’s why I look for opportunities to sow into your life and I know more opportunities are coming. 

I need to stop here. I will still honour you when you sleep in the Lord, but IN YOUR LIFETIME, I will yet honour you, mother!

Note to all my sons, daughters and proteges, please HONOUR your parents, and do so while they have ears to hear you and eyes to see you. Write a letter, buy a gift, call them. Let them know they are loved!

God bless you mummy.

You’d be 60 in November and I trust God to make it MEMORABLE for you! 

I love you!


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