I was hungry but she gave me a photo-album!


I want to share a very personal story with you. This is something that happened to me many years ago while I was an undergraduate in Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, Nigeria. 

It was my custom in those days to look out for the needs of people, and whenever I got the chance, I met those needs. So, this particular period, I had just met someone’s need and I was out of cash. I had no money anymore.

It wasn’t time for my monthly stipend to be sent so I was in some trouble. I went the first day without food and I wasn’t fasting. When I saw the state was getting critical, my intelligent mind (lol) told me it was time to do something to salvage the situation. And what was the solution: VISITATION! 

And if you’re a gentleman like me, the surest expected place to get a good meal would be in a lady’s room. So, my visitation started. For those familiar with OAU, you would know these names. 

I went from Moremi to Mozambique to Alumni to Sports to PG, visiting as many of my female friends as I could. And for all of them, I entered their rooms hungry, was offered photo albums, did some talking, and left as hungry as I came. NO ONE GAVE ME TO EAT.

I then went to a room, about the third day of my hunger strike. Two of my friends lived in that room. I still remember the look of the rice in the pot that day. When my visit was rounding off they asked me the ‘wrongest’ question . They said, “Timi, would you eat?”

I managed a smile and said, “No, I’m okay!”…lol. You might be wondering why I did that to myself. I’d explain shortly. 

PS: I’d not met my wife by then. I’m sure she’d have served me without asking if I’d visited her…hahaha

See me in the days

I think the next day, my parents sent me some money and my suffering ended but I didn’t miss the lesson.

I went to Sports Market and bought buscuits and Caprisonne. EVERYBODY who visited me in those days, left my room with busciit and Caprisonne. When I had to adjust my budget (covering face), I changed it to biscuit and water. And that was because I wasn’t cooking in school.


What lessons am I passing here:

1. Please, be HOSPITABLE

2. Don’t ask if someone would eat, serve them.

3. Look away from yourself. Someone needs you!

Now, I have a potbelle I’m trying to lose. I’ve forgotten the pain of my starvation but the lives I’ve blessed have been eternally blessed. 

Are you hoarding five cars in your garage when someone you know doesn’t have one?

Do you have a house you could give out, yet the rent  (which you don’t need) is your motive for keeping it when a family is divided because everybody has been assigned someone to squat with?

Are you taking log of your many wardrobes with the clothes and shoes and accessories in them when someone you know is repeating two dresses?

Are you so self centered that you just want people to give you and you’re not thinking of the needs of the other person?

What pleasure do we derive in being satisfied in a face of other’s  suffering when we can but do something little at least for ONE PERSON?

This is a call TO LOVE. Cut the size of your wardrobe in half. Give out a car or two. Pay someone’s school fees.

This world would be a SWEET place if we all looked out for each other. Can you please put a smile on someone’s face today? Give them something that would both cost you, and shock them! You’d be a happier person, I promise you!

As long as I live, God helping me, I will play my quota in making this world a beautiful and love-filled place. Would you join me?

And something very important to me is happening soon, please click here  or details.

Thank you for reading, as always . If this inspired you, please share this post on your social media platforms via the buttons beneath this post.

I love you!

Doctor Love.

30 thoughts on “I was hungry but she gave me a photo-album!

  1. I remember this story from the meet,it’s changed my life and it’s still changing… God bless you uncle Tim
    There is joy in sharing when you have “nothing” than waiting until you’ve got plenny sef…


  2. LOL! I can totally relate. back in OAU, I wasn’t a cooler ministry sister, but if there was a need, I kind of recognized it. Who knows what those cooler ministry sisters were facing too as in resources. I had one who was fervent in the cooler ministry sharing my bed space with me, her dedication to sharing food humbled me though, as sometimes I was the one in need of the ministry…Too much of the word ‘ministry’ in one post. Nice piece!


  3. Dammy Olu-Ayeni

    For God so loved the world that He GAVE…God bless you greatly for sharing this piece brother! I wish more people will understand this divine concept.


  4. There wouldn’t have been anything wrong in saying “yes”. I don’t like people wasting my food so I would ask before cooking or serving if you are my friend.

    It’s different if that’s the first time a person is visiting.

    Weren’t they your friends?
    I think you chose to go hungry.


  5. Helen

    Awwwn this really touched me
    God bless you sir and increase your ministry..
    Wat I love also is that u act out wat u preach….I remember the first day I came to your house too…..you showed your act of giving too to me
    God bless you Sir


  6. Nathydee

    Thanks for this sir.., I also buy biscuit to give my visitors but when I buy, my neighbours tend to come for it more and it is not making it (biscuit) serve Ita purpose….should I stop giving them.???


  7. Very true words sir.. You are Blessed sir.
    Something similar happened to me recently, I went to see an Elderly friend to make some enquiries about something and I met him in a restaurant with a lady. When they were serving him and the lady their food because I met them there, He asked me “If I would eat”… I said NO, THANKS SIR. (Yet I was very hungry but had planned to leave the place early enough)….

    Somehow, while the ELDERLY FRIEND was eating his meal and I was discussing with him, He insisted and told the waiter to serve me.. even without my permission. My Spirit man just laughed and was glad..


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