Thanks for following me…lol!

​Hi. Thanks for following my blog. It’s been a while I appreciated you for reading my posts on your feeds or emails and I apologise. Thanks for reading, that’s why I’m still writing. I appreciate you.

But in case you don’t know, I’m a man of many parts. I’m a writer,  blogger, singer, composer, mentor, coach, counsellor, pastor,  speaker, son, brother, friend,  father and husband to mention a few…lol

But most importantly, I’m a Christian, I love God and I’m grateful for His love.

One of the greatest tools God has used to shape me is WORSHIP and many people have caught that from me. Our church has moved to Lekki now but this is not about the church. Even if you have your own church, I want to ask that you try to attend at least one of our Wednesday worship meetings. Your life will be “lightened and brightened”. That’s a promise.

I love you and hope to see you.  When you come, please walk up to me at the end,  and tell me you came as a result of my blog post. You’d have made my day . 
Below is the social media publicity I did a few minutes back:
Evening of Worship has come to transcend Age, Gender or Social Status.
It’s a time of RAW PERSONAL Worship unlike what you might be used to.

It’s a time you hear God, you feel Him and you touch Him.

The giftings of the Holy Spirit are always at work in diverse ways.

It’s a place for couples to come together and worship. 

Bring your children, and worship.

Come with your boo and worship. 

Come thirsty. Come expectant. 

When last did you really WORSHIP, not just SING SONGS?

Our first EOW in Lekki holds tomorrow (Wednesday March 1st, 5:30pm-7:30pm) and we really want to see you around.

Just come have a taste. ONLY A TASTE. It can only be experienced not explained. God did not bring us closer to you by accident na…

Please DM for descriptions or message Pastor Titi @virtuousoak on 08024341167

We love you.

God loves you and is intentional about you!

4 thoughts on “Thanks for following me…lol!

  1. Oyeleye Damilare

    do not mention,sir. I am just seeing the mail,so i missed this already,maybe some other time. Meanwhile,i will need to know how to get to The Ark from Yaba. Thanks. My regards to Mrs Titi Adigun,David and Esther. The ark will not lack a thing IJN


  2. Omokanye Deborah

    God bless you uncle Timi. i cant wait to be back again to lagos if not for anything but for church. i am a product of the Ark and Mine Teenage Ministry and i will never forget that. The Ark is indeed our resting place


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