​Celebrating five years of LOVE!

I guess I’m a very emotional person and today brings back many memories that I would love to share, memories I am proud of. Please ensure you read all the way until you see my sign out:)
Today, Monday October 17th, 2016 makes it exactly five (5) years MINE Bible Study started. We started Monday, October 17th, 2011 at Yeshua High School. YHS has been a tremendous blessing to MINE TM. God bless YHS. And God bless the proprietress, my mother, Mrs. Sinmisola Adigun. I love you, mum. 😚

We started with about about ten  (10) people on that Monday evening and we have grown since then. Many of the State Coordinators we have, in Abeokuta, Ado-Ekiti, Akungba, Lagos, Ogbomoso, Jos, Benin, US, Ghana, and more were tutored in the Word at MINE Bible Study. God has RAISED giants in the Kingdom in the past five years. Halleluyah!

I remember telling my wife, four months into our marriage that we were going to start Bible Study, and my ever supportive wife said it was fine with her. I explained the vision to her and she caught the fire. She missed the initial days because of her schedule at work but she caught up on the gist. By the way, God used the book, “In the footsteps of a prophet”, by Jerry Savelle to start me on this journey. And here we are today.

Amazing testimonies have been shared over the years on the power of and in the Word of God. Many teenagers, young adults (some married now) have been literally TRANSFORMED by their time in BS. It has become a ‘seminary’ for some and a “family” to ALL.

Thousands have passed through MINE Bible Study across the world and are doing exploits in career, business, family and ministry. All praise to God! 

Do you know Toyo Baby is a product of MINE BS! God is raising Kingdom Giants!!!

The interesting thing about MINE BS is the love we enjoy. There were many times, that at the end of BS, envelopes were shared with cash in, ranging from N1k per person and above. Everybody present on those numerous occasions went home with money that would have made their families laugh and rejoice. EVERYONE! 

The sad truth is, no matter what you do, people would still criticise you. So, stop trying to please everyone. Do what you know is right before God and man!

One of the attendees told me that after she took her envelope (seed sown by ministry) home that her mother said it was “jazz”. We were using the money we gave out for diabolic things. Can you imagine that! Can’t people actually do things in this world for FREE without any ulterior motives? We just wanted to put smiles on faces o!!!

Back to the gist…and for the past five years, we have cooked and served food EVERY FRIDAY (our fasting day) to break our fast. By the way, BS was EVERY week day. We just excluded Wednesdays this year when Evening of Worship began. So, we cook Jollof Rice and meat every week. The welfare team freestyles and makes beans sometimes to the delight of the guys… lol But everybody goes home fed.

When The Ark started in 2012, we decided every Sunday would be feeding day too. So, we feed every Sunday at The Ark. So, that’s cooking and feeding twice a week. I’ve been challenged by some people on this but I ask myself, What Would Jesus Do?

I KNOW, I’m not guessing or postulating, I KNOW that many families go back home after Sunday services in their churches to an empty house and no food, after probably giving their last kobo as offering! Why am I so sure of this? I and my wife have been there. No food at home, yet giving our best in church. What if we were guaranteed a good meal and a free ride by a “wealthy couple” in church.

And in that same congregation, where members are hungry, are people with billions in their accounts who are recognised in church because of their big tithe. The world may honour the wealthy and give special places to them but that shouldn’t be so in the church of Jesus na!!!

So, we decided that every body who comes on Friday and Sunday would be GUARANTEED a good and healthy meal. This was not a publicity stunt but from hearts that understood pain.

The early church wasn’t building edifices at the expense of the Word and Lives. NO!!! Many church buildings in some countries have been sold to clubs and gambling houses after bankruptcy. What if they had invested more in lives. What if???

We, in MINE TM, follow the early church’s foundation of being given to “The Word and Prayer” and “No one had need”.

We study the word, we fast, we pray, we feed, we love on each other. We don’t compete with each other or brag about our latest acquisitions. That’s not the church Jesus died for! That’s a “show house”.

All we do in BS, is just one part o, World Virginity Day is there, same as MINE Magazine, MINE Forums across Nigeria , MINE Charity Outreach, BALL, The MEET, and more! 

I hope you don’t see this as bragging but if you do, I can’t help that. We have been called to LOVE. Let’s look away from ourselves. You’re so concerned about your children  alone. Why not also help other children and allow God honour your sacrifices by taking care of your children in ways you can never do as a human. Can you stop your child from being sick or having an accident or getting addicted? But God can! Sow seeds into the lives of others! 

Today, as MINE BS celebrates five years of the Word and of Love, I ask that you please pray for us as God keeps using us to raise a new generation.

If you’re reading this and you’ve ever attended BS, please do me two favours:

1. Please share this post (buttons beneath the post)

2. Please post a comment beneath on how God has blessed you through BS. All the glory goes to Him.

If you’re reading and have never attended, you could join us any day you’re free, weekdays (except Wednesdays) at 4pm. Presently at 11, Baale street, off Adebowale street, Ojodu, Lagos. You could also join us for Evening of Worship on Wednesdays at 5:30pm.

Finally, I ask as we celebrate five (5) years of impacting lives, spiritually emotionally and physically, that you please give your best gift, sow your best seed to support this ministry.

Account details:

GTBANK. Mine Teenage Ministry. 0106771340

If you want to keep in touch with MINE TM, please follow us on social media.

Facebook: Mine Teenage Ministry

Twitter and Instagram: @mineministry

For general enquiries,  please call the National Coordinator, my love 😍😙, her name is Titi, on 08024341167. 

Please don’t just sit back and watch us from afar (like many people say and do). Let us know you’re there. Please stand with us, uphold us, give, pray, and partner with this Kingdom work.

And in your personal pursuits, no matter how seemingly difficult your dreams and visions are, please stick with them. You will achieve them!

Thanks for reading. Please feel free to check other posts on my blog. They are for you. Like the post on the girl that called me an Idiot. To read that, please click here.

I love you! 

Doctor Love. 

57 thoughts on “​Celebrating five years of LOVE!

  1. MykeStevenson

    It all began with a copy of the magazine few years ago…and then Bible study, The Meet, The forums and all have been a source of Blessing to me. I am a living testimony. God Bless Mine Teenage Ministry. God bless you Sir. I thank God for giving you to this generation! Wax Stronger in grace. #iRepMineTeenageMinistry


  2. Mine Bible Study have always been a place I could come to and be fed with the word of God and also leave feeling loved and lifted in my spirit. It is indeed a place where I can come to and feel at home. God bless MTM


  3. Glory to God in the Highest. MTM/THE ARK is also a blessing to me. They Opened my eyes spiritually with more knowledge on FAITH. And many more.. God bless and increase this Family.


  4. Adeniran Faith

    I’m one of those that Bible study has blessed… I’ve met wonderful and really deep people in Mine Teenage Ministry…. Including doctor love… Many more years will be celebrated if Christ tarries…. God bless this family of ours Sir.


  5. Ajagbe Ayomide Comfort

    Some years back I had a group of friends that gave me gist on how they go to Mine Bible Study and come back blessed with the word and gifts and I would dream about such a beautiful gathering… When I eventually went for the first time I went back home smiling, with tears of joy because I experienced how much God is involved in the gathering of believers…I can’t explain it by God’s Mine Bible Study grace is amazing!
    God will forever be faithful to MTM.


  6. I remember the first time I saw a MINE mag in 2010 in a friend’s room, the first thing i asked was how much she paid to get it. I was surprised when she said it was free, I kept flipping through the pages, asking myself how someone could give such a beautiful mag with rich contents for free. I didn’t believe love could do that much, so I concluded that a very rich man or the son of a very rich man (somewhere outside Nigeria)was sponsoring the mag.

    Four years after, I came to the dream centre during bible study to pick up a form for THE BALL. Meeting you humbled me, I spent that whole day thinking about selflessness. That day, I remembered how I got my first MINE mag delivered to me in an envelope…it was very special. To think that the editor of that ‘tush’ magazine was the one who opened the gate for me to enter and was surrounded by a large number of teenagers calling ‘uncle Timi’ (and not master, or G.O)humbled me more.

    Sir, I have in the few times spent with you, seen you give the best out of very little resources. You give much more than wealth would give. Despite all you have given, you still make yourself approachable to us.

    You raise strangers as your own, you open your doors to every need as though you have it all. Even in seasons of little resources, you give more than one would give in times of abundance. I really don’t know how you do all these sir…. I celebrate you for yielding to God and living in love.

    God will increase you more on every side, He that gives seed to the sower will fill your barns with abundance. He will preserve all that He has given you.
    Your children (spiritual and biological)will be sources of joy to you, none of them will be a thorn in your vineyard. None of them will be lost.

    God will make your joy full, He will make you to see the manifestation of all your desires and dreams and also make you to enjoy them.

    Happy Anniversary Mine Bible Study!
    I celebrate 5 years dedicated to nourishing souls.


  7. Olanihun

    My first experience at the Bible study opened my eyes to the real truth about giving and ever since then i have added more zeal to my giving…a female friend of mine once told me that i easily give and freely…*wink* knowing so much well that an average 9ja guy wont give a lady without expecting something in return…well its not a way of bragging though but its one key lesson i have learnt as a result of my association with my darling brother, pastor and mentor TIMI ADIGUN and MINE TM at large..Happy Celebration to us all.


  8. Odefemi Ayooluwa

    I won’t say much.I’ve been blessed beyond measure.I’ve been blessed beyond words.I’ve come to know God’s love.I am a better person. Mine has been a home out of home,a family of love.Made by love,made to love,made for love.i know I’ve said a lot but I can’t help it.My joy knows no bounds.God bless Mine Teenage Ministry. God bless you Uncle Timi and your wife Aunty Titi.God bless the many souls that have been vessels to move for Mine forward.And Bible study has been awesome too. Happy anniversary


  9. Joke Oladipupo

    Mine has been a blessing to me . I remember the day I was giving admission and I had financial issues , PST timi single handedly gave me 11,000 thousand to pay for my acceptance fee and now today am a graduate .!
    I can never forget your labour of love… Mine Bible study was one of the link to my spiritual growth. I follow online. (Mine Bible study in Ibadan). Because of distance…
    Thank you so much sir for taking time to sow into our lives.
    I love you!


  10. Wow! God’s works are more than amazing. Though I’ve had no physical contacts with ‘Mine’, this ministry has blessed me big time. May the Lord continually build and uphold Mine Teenage Ministry. He will grant fresh anointing and unction to the leaders and reveal more of Himself to everyone who’s dedicated to worshipping and learning at His feet. God bless and increase Pastors Timi and Titi Adigun on all sides. Your labour of love will not go unrewarded. Happy Anniversary!


  11. The Number 5 represents GRACE and indeed this is evident at MTM. I was privileged to attend the BIBLE STUDY on a fateful Thursday like that after following on Facebook… You need to see the way MTM expressed love. THEY CAN “HUG” and “SHAKE” for Africa. Dear Pastor Timi, I celebrate the Grace of God in your life and your ‘consistent persistence’ (lol). God bless MTM! Happy Anniversary!!!


  12. lovesvoiceme

    Reblogged this on Love's Voice.Me and commented:
    I’m grateful to God for my Uncle Timi Adigun and Aunt Titi Adigun. Thank you for being a blessing to everyone around you and this generation at large. Thank you for your heart of love that always puts the needs of others at the forefront. Thank you for being sensitive to our needs. Thank you for being great parents to us, your very many children. Thank you for making love real to us. Thank you for the cultured young men and women of substance you have raised. Thank you for not getting tired.
    Trust me, dear readers, if you want to know what love is (the true, selfless love of God), you only need to meet them.
    Do be a part of MINE Teens Ministry.
    Please read, be blessed and share.


  13. Scholastica

    I’ve never heard about this beautiful “package” and I’m glad I’m getting to know about it now. It’s better late than never. Just reading this post gives me an idea of how amazing this is. May God bless the minds that conceived the idea and the hands that put it in place. Maybe our never lack wisdom. I’m not in Nigeria but I’ll surely follow the group on social platforms and subscribe for emails. God bless you and yours. Thanks for being a blessing to this generation. It would be nice for Nigerian/African teenagers and young adults outside Nigeria to benefit from this too.

    Liked by 1 person

  14. Crispin damilola

    I’ve never attended the bible study before but I’ve been reading mine magazine since i was a teenager and am 22 years now and am still bouncing in Christ, I thank God for making you and the MINE crew a blessing to me,i wish we could get the magazine in Benin Republic. May God continually make things work together for good for the MINE crew…

    Liked by 1 person

  15. Victor Oyesina

    ever since I first contacted mine magazine in 2008 at oritamefa baptist model school, I have been tremendously blessed by this ministry. thank you pastor timi for leading the way. thank you for your commitment, labour and sacrifices to the Gospel of Christ.


  16. ladieswithradiance

    I am lost for words!
    I came in contact with MINE at a point when i almost gave up on my walk/work with God!
    Days when i felt like a spiritual failure.
    Mine re-branded my life.
    Gave me an insight into how God sees me.

    Getting to know Uncle Timi and Aunty Titi was the top of it all
    They both seem out of this world.
    They taught me love above every other thing
    And about looking out for others.

    If not for their constant encouragement, teachings and love.
    I may never have picked up God’s mandate for me.

    You did not just influence my life sir!
    but everyone that comes in contact with “Ladies With Radiance”
    You are God’s blessing to this generation and beyond



  17. hmmmm… I came in contact with mine teenage ministry when God gave me a teenagers mandate and I had absolutely no idea what He was talking about. I told !y kum who in turn told her friend. it turned out that her friend’s daughter attended mine teenage bible study before she went to tertiary school. I saw Uncle Timi and his wife such lovely family. He told me what I needed to know, not sparing any details. My life and perspective has changed since the 15th of February 2016. The worship, meet a friend, the word (appreciation) and not to mention the amazing jollof rice afterwards… I could go on and on but lemme stop here. thank you for your irreplaceable contributions to humanity…


  18. This wonderful group helped me connect with like minds even when the environment i was wasn’t spiritually motivating. Thank God for the daily Bible studies, it helped me to grow and stay on course. I have been helped financially when i needed it the most through this wonderful group. Even if i have not given back in someway when is most critical but, i know that time will come. I feel guilty sometimes that i have done nothing significant to support this ministry, this actually makes me miss some of the programs because i am always filled with guilt within me. You deserve so much and i have given nothing in particular. Thank you Mine Teenage Ministry. God bless you.


  19. MINE TEENAGE MINISTRY IS SO DEAR TO ME AND ALMOST EVERYONE I COME IN CONTACT KNOWS WITHIN FEW MINUTES OF MEETING ME… Why? Because, somewhere-somehow in our conversation, I would mention something about NO-SUM, Virginity Day, Jesus CHRIST and His Love… Even in the Market- EKO-IDUMOTA to be precise (a very large market for those who reside in Lagos), My customers and suppliers call me: ‘Virgin-Boy’, Some call me: Mr-NOSUM, and even my neighbours call me NOSUM. I am proud to be identified as that because I’m fulfilling scriptures which says; Let your light so shine before men that they may see your good works and glorify our father who is in heaven. Moreover we are called to be the ‘Light of the World’, not the light of the church.Through this, I have been opportuned to be a Blessing to different people and I always thank God because there have been numerous testimonies… out of which is, He has used me to save a girl from aborting her baby. MINE has just helped me to continually reach out to people in LOVE.

    It is rather interesting that I have attended Bible Study just twice or thrice majorly because of the distance and my work schedule of different activities but I can’t forget the very first day I attended. I went to Yeshua High School (venue of the BS) for another purpose which was to pack all available copies of Uncle Timi’s books- the fiction-books which are super interesting to help him sell (You really need to read them-if you haven’t). He didn’t require my services o but I just had the passion and desire to do that. After packing the books I came for, it was almost time for bible study and I saw people gathering already… thus I decided to at least wait and be a part of it. Every aspect of the Bible Study blessed me as I saw young folks really giving deep insightful teachings BUT the most challenging, heart-touching part for ME was almost at the end when EVERYONE INCLUDING UNCLE TIMI HIMSELF WAS SAYING THE DAILY CONFESSIONS OFF-HAND (34 of them!). They were just reciting everything joyfully at heart while I was reading it from the MINE MAGAZINE. Meen, I was dumb-founded and surprised. That challenged me a whole lot and All thanks to God, Now- I can say everything by heart. I didn’t cram it, I just kept saying it repeatedly to myself believing every word and It just became a part of me.

    MINE is raising GIANTS; THE World will celebrate the GOD in us because we will constantly be a VALUABLE ASSET TO OUR WORLD.


  20. Okewale Emmanuel

    I came in contact to MINE TM through my sisters,I thank God they introduce me to it.Ever since i met MINE TM i was encourage to stand for sexual purity since uncle Timi and aunty Titi could do it through God grace which i had plead.Mine BS taught me alot which include the books of the bibles(lol),how to fast(i just thank God when i see people complaining by 1 or2 that they are hungry),i was loved by everyone..let me pause to say thank you to Uncle Bobo for his letter,i still have your letter sir that letter encourages me.i appreciate sir..
    Back to what i was saying MINE TM has really blessed me back to back is it from #MINE BS #WF’s #VD’s #B.A.L.L. #WORLD CHANGERS #dream center then @ajuwon…
    Uncle Timi and aunty Titi thank you so much for blessing to me and my generations to come through MINE TM.
    Mine teenage ministry is a place where you can be made and polished in God ways.
    ~I love you Uncle Timi and Aunty Titi~


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