​She called Timi Adigun an Idiot!

Eeewoooo!!! See my life o!
Do you want to know what happened? This girl insulted me sha!

Pause a bit…how was your day? Hope it was a beautiful. Mine was splendid. I went out with my family and God surprised us. It was just amazing. We were FAVOURED. For you, trusting God for something, the God I serve continually will supercede your expectations in Jesus name, AMEN!!!

Now, to my gist. Yesterday on my way to church, a beautiful lady messaged me (DM) on Instagram. By the way, if you are not following me on IG, I really need to know why…lol

This girl started with “you look good”. It’s not easy to be a handsome man na. My wife took eye to market… (I’m so feeling myself this evening). And we started chatting. As a love specialist and a counsellor, I am obligated to extend love to EVERYONE. 

We chatted on and off from IG to WhatsApp to Skype…And I knew already that she was a “hooker”. I should have just stopped there with her but I have never ceased to ask God to use me. I wanted to be a blessing to this Lekki babe. She just kept talking about being broke and hungry and I knew she wanted money.

This afternoon, I did well to give my wife a brief intro to what was happening as the events unfolded. This pretty lady agreed to meet me. I suggested the Circle Mall at fifth roundabout and offered to buy her food while we talked. She said she didn’t like the idea, asking that I meet her at a hotel. She told me how much a room costs. Interesting!

I insisted on meeting her at the Mall. When leaving, I told the Holy Spirit these words, “Please use me today for this girl. Use me even more than you’ve ever used me at Evening of Worship or any ministration “. I really wanted to bless her.

Long story short,  I met her at the Mall.  She acted like she was repulsed at my sight (spiritual things). I bought her food, paid and she walked out. We sat outside the eatery in the Mall for a while but she was uncomfortable with a simple conversation. All she wanted was money and I knew it. I had cashed money from the ATM before seeing her (I had told my wife I would give the girl money).

But looking at her, she seemed too self conscious like someone she knew would see her. I didn’t want to embarrass her by stretching forth the mint notes the ATM dispensed. I then told her I would transfer the money. She was okay with that and I walked her out, paid for her bike and she was off.

She sent me the account details and the next few minutes after, she just kept calling me. She explained how badly she needed the money. God, the Master Planner, was at work and for one reason or the other, we couldn’t transfer the money to her, so I got a divine inspiration. I invited her to my house to have dinner with my family.

I told her my wife and kids would love to meet her. I promised to increase the amount I had promised. I even took a picture of the folded wad of notes to prove I was serious. I hoped she would come and my God could love on her through my family.

That was when she showed me her real face o!!! The plenty words started flying until in summary she called me an Idiot and immediately blocked me on WhatsApp.  The moment that happened, I laughed and I said a prayer. I HAD DONE MY OWN PART;  I HAD TRIED. 

I forgot to tell you. When I collected the money from the ATM, I put it in my pocket and prayed over the money. I wanted her life to change the moment she received the free gift of love.

So, was I an Idiot?


I saw the looks on the faces of the eatery attendants, Circle Mall security and customers. I was wearing my “The Ark” shirt, with my wedding band so obvious, walking beside an obvious “sex worker”, her dressing and makeup gave her away easily. People must have been saying, “see this married man! Isn’t he a Christian?

It makes me understand a little what Jesus had to face when He ate and drank with “sinners”.

As I looked at her while at the Mall, and as I reflected afterwards, my heart went to ALL the girls that have been pushed into that lifestyle. 

Where are the Christians that claim to be like Christ? Whose fees are you paying? Whose house are supplying food stuff to?

When I got home, I lay on the bed and Esther walked in. I took her in my arms, hugged her, kissed her and told her I loved her. And my mind went to that girl again. She was once a child.  Maybe if someone had started a children’s club and loved her the God-kind of way! Maybe if the church she last visited was more concerned about her soul than the numbers! Maybe if her Christian neighbour would only smile at her and extend a hand of fellowship! 

Can we be Idiots again for the sake of the gospel? Can we love the unloveable like we have been called to? Can we risk public humiliation just to save a soul? 


Can we stop feeling good because we sow seeds in millions to our BIG CHURCHES and get a visit from the pastor when thousands can be saved and given another life with that amount of money?

It’s a call to LOVE!!!

If this resounded in your heart, please respond and start LOVING. Please also share this post on your social media pages via the buttons beneath. I would be posting again soon! Thanks for reading.

I love you!

Doctor Love 

81 thoughts on “​She called Timi Adigun an Idiot!

  1. Adeniran Faith

    Wow… Am really surprised Sir that you could go to that extent to show love to a lost soul sir you weren’t an Idiot you just wanted to win her to Christ ….I’ve learnt something new from this sir. More grace Sir


  2. Becca

    I really learnt some lessons today. Instead of pushing her aside and saying how useless she was/is, a little kindness and love is enough. Thank you sir.
    I love the humor sha.


  3. mercy

    big lessons and from a good heart.but I honestly believe in walking on d syd of caution …..I mn I wouldn’t gv a girl from IG my whatsapp contact to start with n prolly refer her to my wyf. just my thots.u v a good heart n large heart….I wanna reach out to souls too but I wdnt do dt


  4. Opeoluwapo

    Hemmmmmmm, this is deep, your wife is a blessing to you sir. And going to that extent to make sure she has a change of mind is mind blowing. Personally, there is a reawakening within me. Well done sir.



    Really cool sir

    The part that shook

    Me most was the part that

    meant you understood a little how

    JESUS coped with people’s reaction when

    They see him eating and always walking with sinners…….

    I am really challenged to be bold and not be scared of what people

    Will say as long as I am doing what will make GOD ALMIGHTY Glad.

    Thank you sir

    You are a blessing to me sir



    Really cool sir

    The part that shook

    Me most was the part that

    Meant how u understood a little

    Of how JESUS coped with the people

    As HE was always eating and walking with sinners

    This really challenged me to do what I need to do not minding
    what people say as long as it will make GOD ALMIGHTY Glad.

    Thanks so so much sir
    You are a blessing to us especially me.


  7. Bola Kamson

    There are different lessons to be learnt from this. Every step that was taken you prayed. You didn’t judge (that huge). You invited her into your house. Your works with the Lord will not be in vain. We should invite you to speak at a young adults and singles ministry


  8. Samuel Emerald Nwachukwu

    2cor 4
    Because of Christ we are thought of as fools, but Christ has made you wise. We are weak and hated, but you are powerful and respected. 11Even today we go hungry and thirsty and don’t have anything to wear except rags. We are mistreated and don’t have a place to live. 12We work hard with our own hands, and when people abuse us, we wish them well. When we suffer, we are patient. 13When someone curses us, we answer with kind words. Until now we are thought of as nothing more than the trash and garbage of this world
    I remember a girl calling me a fool bcos I didn’t want to sleep with
    she was telling me that am NT wise, sharp but today she has seen the light through the love of Christ
    glory to God


  9. Itunez

    Thinking deep***
    Helping people is not a big deal but the heart and motive behind it is what matters, may God continue to give you more grace as you do the work of the Master…


  10. But how can you call somebody an idiot after eating free food, enjoying a free ride and getting an offer to get more money than you asked? All because he asked you to comman eat free food again?

    This wan is strong oh, cos I’m not understanding at all.

    I go love too oh. I salute you, Uncle Timi. It definitely was not an easy somtin.


  11. Judith

    Wow.. I really love this piece.

    It’s good to see that despite the level where we are, we can still desire to have a conversation with another human being without being Judgemental.

    Plus I love how you carry ur family(wife) along sir. I tap into it!


  12. ërinHEBREWS

    I wrote recently asking why we have more churches than Christians but people didn’t understand.
    This is Christ like and this and much more is what we are called to do.
    I salute your courage sir and I bless God for your perfect understanding of the scriptures.


  13. Nike

    This is great! You applied wisdom and prayed all the way. But I believe it is a risky move. In my opinion, not everyone is called to love in similar version. While Jesus dined with sinners and chatted with the ‘prostitute’ Samaritan women by the well, his disciples did not do exactly the same. But they served and showed loved as the Holy Spirit gave them grace to. I just want to sound a note of caution that not everyone is called to do exactly the same, so that we will not lead ourselves into temptation. However, in our various calling we should serve and love as Christ would.


  14. Nalla Seun

    God bless you Sir…more grace, more anointing, more strength to be more and more like our saviour, who despite our wretchedness, still loves us more…I pray that the grace to have a heart of love and compassion to sinners around us, the lord will grant unto us in Jesus name…


  15. Calebturnbobo

    Double blessed for reading this… Be a blessing and from the perspective of the people who saw u walking with her, we should not be quick to judge people especially opposite sex matters


  16. Nwachukwu Deborah

    Wow. I must confess I haven’t heard a pastor do this and in my mind which I’m saying here, ur a uniquely different pastor and God will surely reward u 4 an attempt 2 win a soul like that
    God bless u sir🙏👍


  17. ---

    After reading this post I just couldn’t not comment… Lol, I must confess, I’m touched… More grace to u sir and to your entire household… Amen.


  18. Bee

    Nice…may God help me love people sincerely as much as I love myself.
    Quick question please..been battling with paying my tithes…this statement you made” Can we stop feeling good because we sow seeds in millions to our BIG CHURCHES and get a visit from the pastor when thousands can be saved and given another life with that amount of money? Does this mean we can give this money to the less privilege ,patients who can’t afford treatments in the hospitals instead of taking the money to churches as tithe? Thank you!


  19. Wow, this is just beautiful.
    Good day sir, I am a huge fan of all you’re doing with the Mine Ministry, it’s truly inspiring.
    And then this story of this young lady definitely brings a lot to remembrance.
    There have been times I’ve had to love someone who didn’t even want that love, help someone who’d never asked, never appreciated, and would never do the same.
    Because once the Holy Spirit starts hammering this into your heart, it’s hard to not go all the way with it.
    We’re to love as Jesus loved, wholeheartedly and shamelessly.
    Thank you for sharing this, I had no idea you had a blog, I’d be on here more often.


  20. This brought the tears out… Reminds me of a friend of mine on facebook who is currently going tru the hard life, trying to stay away from drugs and all. And how I tried to share the gospel with her just to remind her God was with her and she should go to him. She immediately started feeling sleepy and asked to be excused. Had I done anything wrong? I simply wanted to share the goodnews and salvation I’ve gotten, and she took it the wrong way. The things we do for love. 👌👌

    Liked by 1 person

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