​Lekki Market Demolished! For the Greater Good???

Happy Sunday and I really hope your day was as beautiful as mine. Church was amazing and I had The Tanners visiting my family. Was beautiful. But in between all these, something horrible happened. 

Allow me gist you a little before  I go to the “horrible thing”. I was leaving my house (rented) at Lekki at about 6:30 am.  Our car is “under the weather”, so I ordered the ever reliable Uber. It was raining and I knew our street would be flooded, so I decided to meet the cab at the major road. I wasn’t prepared for what I saw. I had expected to walk on the sidewalk but there was no sidewalk. Everywhere was submerged in water.

I pulled off my shoes and socks, pulled up my trousers and starting wading through the water. All sorts of things tried to cling to my leg; things I chose not to focus on because I didn’t want to imagine what they could be. By the time I entered the cab, even though I had an umbrella, I was thoroughly wet. But I was comforted that I was going to the house of God. “I was glad when they said to me…” hope you can complete that scripture!

Hope you enjoyed my gist. Now…

Coming back,  I saw THE DEMOLITION going on at Lekki Market (Jakande). Let me confess, my carnal man was happy as I envisaged the government reconstructing that area and giving the turning to my house a Beautiful look. The Economist side of me saw MONEY. The government had just given itself another means of revenue when they lease out the massive span of land to investors (businesses/organzaitions) but…

The LOVE side of me quickly took over and I suddenly became burdened. I looked around me and I saw many human beings looking CONFUSED. Thousands of lives had their livelihood tied to that market up until few hours ago. That market paid school fees, paid hospital bills, paid bride prices…gave daily hope to many. What next for those folks? 

Aren’t we becoming a “Pharisee” generation again that wants the “poor” kept far away from the “rich”. Even in church, special seats are reserved for the “rich”. We forget life is about “Time and Chance”. We could have been born into those “poor” families. 

Are you so comfortable in your car, house, office, school that you don’t have a heart for those who don’t have anything close to what you have?

Do you take pleasure in increasing your wealth at the expense of others who don’t even have anything? Remember the story Nathan told David?  God was upset with David more for oppressing the “poor Uriah” than about the adultery itself. The proof is in the story the prophet told.

How many cars do you have? How many clothes do you have? How many phones do you have? Yet, you’re increasing the prices of your goods and/or services so the “poor” can enrich you more. That’s sad!!!

Even if you’re an employee, are you comfortable?  Yes?  Great! Don’t step on another person to get a pay increase. Rather, look for people that you can help with what you have.

To all my brothers and sisters earning a lot,  please build lives not just houses. Buy the dreams of people and deliver it to them than buying more gadgets. 

It’s okay to enjoy the fruit of your labour but please don’t be excessive. Do you have something valuable locked up (unused), give it out! As you pay for your child’s fees, please find at least one indigent child to sponsor. 

Be the change you want to see.

It’s called LOVE. 

Was that demolition today for the greater good? We’d have to wait and see! But for you,  please BE A BLESSING to someone TODAY!

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I love you!

Doctor Love 

12 thoughts on “​Lekki Market Demolished! For the Greater Good???

  1. This sure spoke to my heart directly. A confirmation of something I must always put forward while earning far more than I ever need for a living. Good sight sir, I didn’t choose a wrong mentor.
    Really I don’t want to care if it’s for the greater good if the little guy was not first catered for before embarking on a tyrannous attack on the fabric of survival that some have hewed in tears and sweat for years.

    Maybe a man would wake up this morning weeping in his heart as he sees his three year old daughter walking out of the house to go to school having no idea that daddy’s little income genie kettle has been smashed; and all his natural mind can see is a gloomy future.

    I still believe in Nigeria, but I believe more in the ministry of those who can cater for those can’t come close to doing that for themselves.
    To all those affected, I know that God sees your situation and he would not leave you comfortless. He will settle you.
    ***written almost in tears*******
    Thank you sir. Please get your car from under the weather if not I’ll send you Range (sports) or a Rolls.


  2. Ibukunoluwa Oyeleke

    Love is about sharing, giving, thinking of the other persons wellbeing Sir. Love is sacrificial. More than ever before we need to read this kind of articles and remind ourselves that we are blessed not only for ourselves but to be a blessing! Thank you Doctor Love!


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