You Need To Remember! 

​Tears sting my eyes as I write this. By the way, it has been so long I blogged but I’m back and better. Please follow this blog by email and you’d get my posts straight in your inbox.

Why do I want to cry?

My family just moved to Lekki, by divine instruction. So, if you are on the Island, I’m closer to you now than ever before. Feel free to book a personal session with Doctor Love. Back to the gist. So, with new location,  comes plenty packing and unpacking. 

My wife, lover of books (who insisted we make a beautiful bookshelf when we got married) was arranging our bookshelf. She actually still is arranging as I type.  She is the neatest and most organized woman in the world. So, while arranging, she saw a jotter (my sister, Tomisin, and her husband’s wedding souvenir) and after a few minutes of looking through, she gave  me.

I had to fight the tears because David and Esther are awake. I’m still fighting the tears. I saw the words my sweetheart, my love, wrote to me May 2008. That’s about eight (8) years ago. I saw RAW LOVE and DEVOTION. I saw the beginning!!!

I still love my wife with my life, same with her, but there was something refreshing and warming about seeing her express those words to me when our love was just growing. The words took me back years ago to the wee moments of our love relationship. And in that moment, love for my wife rose to a new level.

She’s presently carrying Samuel  (backing him), talking to David, explaining the children’s program on Daystar to him as Esther listens on. We have been through a lot in five (5)  years of marriage and I make bold to say, SHE IS THE BEST WIFE IN THE WORLD. 

I have been so overwhelmed with growing the ministry, being a husband and father,  being there for countless proteges across the world, that I have forgotten to be my wife’s BEST FRIEND, not just a friend. I am glad I read her letter again today. I am reminded of my primary responsibility. And I will live up to it.

So, for you reader, have you lost your fire (in your relationship, marriage, career, studies, business, ministry, walk with God etc), YOU NEED TO REMEMBER! Take a memory  (or physical trip) to where it all started and take time to relive the moments. Get the passion back. Rekindle the fire. Go back to where it all started from…And if it makes you cry, just let the tears run…

As I conclude, I also want to ask you to do things in the present (write a letter, go on a date, post on your blog, take pictures…) Just capture this moment. You will need the memory in years to come. 

Thank you for reading. I would be posting very regularly now and you don’t want to miss my posts.  Please remember to follow this blog via email and do well to share on your social media pages via the buttons beneath.

I love you!

Doctor Love

59 thoughts on “You Need To Remember! 

  1. Elizabeth opeyemi

    Ooooh so inspiring, God bless my mentor from afar… God bless titimi and her family
    Fully back now 💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃
    Cant wait for the next post


  2. Ajibola

    Just barely a year in marriage & challenges have been huge,@ times the devil makes me want to feel I’ve entered a one chance marriage but reading this made me realize again that I love my husband to the moon & back. Keep inspiring us,God bless you pastor.


  3. kayode dinakin

    aww!! uncle Timi,. this has made me so cold … you can’t just imagine how quickly i wrote down my email and subscribed for your future posts. looking forward to it sir and i hope it blesses and teaches me positively. i really thank God for LOVE


  4. olatunde Olabisi

    Wow!!! This is awesome. May God continue to bless your home.. I am inspired by this post. I tried sending a mail to you through but the mail was not delivered. Is there any other mail I can get to get in touch with u.


  5. Kingsley Peters

    You really are a blessed man.

    A man with such a wife,
    A wife with such a man.

    Thanks for always blessing us.
    May God bless you much more.


  6. Kingsley Peters

    What a beautiful piece
    We really NEED to remember

    A man with such a wife..
    A wife with such a man..

    You are really a blessed man
    Thanks for always blessing us.
    May God bless you much more.


  7. omotayo

    Waoh I ain’t married though but this a great post. I pray God continues to ignite the sparks of love in your home always. Bless you sir.


  8. Talabi Segun Adedoyin

    Very true.
    We need to remember the good times when things are beginning to seem overwhelming.
    You always inspire me sir.
    I love you, i admire the Grace of God upon you and mummy “virtuousoak”.


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