We did it!

Good afternoon family and friends!


We promised total accountability on this platform, so here goes.
Fifteen (15) people/bodies gave to World Virginity Day (excluding funds MINE Locations received independently).
Total received from the 15 was 421,534.38 naira
Break down of income won’t be disclosed for the givers’ sakes.
Total spent (excluding funds spent in MINE Locations independently) was 700,000 naira (the 278,465.62 extra coming from the ministry’s purse).
Breakdown of expenses:
Printing of Fliers and Purity Cards: 100,000
Money sent to MINE Locations: 195,000
Venue for Lagos Mainland Event: 200,000
Feeding for LME: 80,000
Sound and Stage for LME: 100,000
Miscellaneous: 25,000
Total: 700,000

We honour God in all we do. All we receive is for His glory alone!!!
God bless us all.
Timi Adigun for MINE TM.

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