Five years and counting!!!

All I find the voice to say is THANK YOU DAD! THANK YOU JESUS! THANK YOU!

Thank You Father, for giving me the BEST WIFE in the entire universe. Titilope, if i could undo anything, I’d make sure I met you earlier and married you sooner.

Thank you THADA for making my life beautiful. Thank you for loving me in spite of my inadequacies. You’re God’s gift and comfort to me.

I look forward to spending my remaining 89 years with you, in love, joy, peace, prosperity, soundness of spirit, soul and body.


Thank you for the three amazing children you’ve given me. Words cannot be enough to express my gratitude to you for choosing to be mine, out of the several proposals you had.

I LOVE YOU and commit to loving more as my God helps me.

I bless you, the wife of my youth, with ALL my heart. God bless and keep you for me, now and always. Your joy in this marriage and in life WILL BE FULL in Jesus name, Amen.

I’m yours now and always.
I’m glad you’re mine.


4 thoughts on “Five years and counting!!!

  1. Oyoh Melody

    Wow,happy anniversary mommy and daddy,thank you ma for being the best wife and mother.. and thank you sir for being the best husband and father… I pray that God’s love bind you forever…..


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