Can You Make Him Smile?

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On Sundays, we would all go to church, hoping to impress our fellow worshippers with our new cars, outfits or colognes. Flashing expensive accessories in the air as we “worship”. Yes, God wants us prosperous but NOT TO ENRICH OURSELVES but to BETTER THE LIVES OF THOSE AROUND US.
After service, we would drive our families to an eatery and spend a lot but do we ever pause to ask how many co-worshippers have food to eat when they return home? How many would have to trek home because they just gave their last naira in the offering basket?
This is a call to LOVE!!!


I am Timi Adigun, and my eyes water as I type this.
Jesus DIED for us! And He said we should walk in His steps. What sacrifices are you making for others. You’re planning on buying a fifth (5th) car when someone is asking God for a “third-hand” car to transport his family of six to church.
All the “Jesus lovers”, it’s time to ACT!!!
Sow a sacrificial seed into another’s life and watch JESUS SMILE! And then, MAKE IT A LIFESTYLE.

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