It gladdens my heart to know that in this generation we have fathers that are passionate about things that concern us (the young people), people that invest so much in us, pray for us, talk to us and watch over us. I know a few of them, I am surrounded, being watched and tutored by a handful of them so I really know their worth and their impact in our lives cannot be over emphasized.

Never met you before but have followed Mine Teenage Ministry online for the past 6years now and made few friends from MINE Facebook Page that have actually visited me several times both in school and at home. I’ve seen a lot, read a lot and heard a lot. I bless God for your life, your family and ministry. I just pray that God enlarge your coast and give you the strength and capacity to do more for Him.

I really feel like saying more prayers but that’s just what’s coming to me right now to say to you.

I see your wife Adigun Titilope breaking new grounds in her life and what God has called her to do. Just as the alms giving of Cornelius ascended unto God as a memorial so has your labour of great love ascended and eyes have not seen that which is descending upon you from the Heavens. It’s massive, it’s glorious and it’s reaching the ends of the earth.

It’s easier to see individuals that are committed to a course like this but rare to see couples who are devoted to the teenage/youth ministry (I have just seen and met a few) and I pray that God bless you both and cause your children to serve Him in greater capacity than you two are serving Him and will yet serve Him.

You have so much in common with my elder brother Pastor David Abubakar (kindred spirit) which just makes me have this special love and respect for you as I have for him.

Hoping to fellowship at the ‘Ark’ someday and attend some MINE programs.
God bless TiTiMi, God bless MTM and all MINE friends all over. This is the first time I am doing something like this, I want to f’arabale to do this tonight because I dunno if I will do something like this again (can’t say) lol.

So Pastor Adigun Oluwatimilehin and our mother Adigun Titilope God bless you real good, bless your children and bless your home in Jesus mighty name. As you’re caring for the children of others, I see God raising many to care for yours.


Gift Halima Abubakar

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