I struggled with bad habits and addictions for MANY years. I wanted to be free but I couldn’t break away no matter how hard I tried. I attended seminars, prayed, fasted, and more but NOTHING changed.

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Eventually, I found the secret and I found my liberty. I now had control over what had been ruling me.

Do you crave to be free from that ONE THING you seem stuck with? Then, you need to listen to this!

If you would like to download it, please click DOWNLOAD SMADA.

Otherwise,  please listen here:

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9 thoughts on “SMADA!!!

  1. This is really beautiful. You know when you were mentioning the names of some people, you came to someone and you said, “I must mention your name…God loves you…” And that person’s name is FIYINFOLUWA and that happens to be my name too.
    Thank you very much for this wonderful message. It was like it was specifically for me.


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