God bless you!

Today, March 16th, makes it six months since I joined MINE Teenage Ministry. Everyday of my life, I bless God for 12th of Sept 2015 (Rock Solid)…and then 16th of Sept (the day I finally started attending bible study)
These six months have been the BEST of my life…God bless you Uncle Timi…God bless your family and ministry…Thanks for being Uncle Timi…Your messages always keep me going. Your love for God just stirs me up in the spirit…Your heart of giving is beyond what anyone can think of…Your love for people is beyond normal…Chai!!…I see you and I use you as a point of prayer for many parts of my life…Sometimes I wish I had joined MINE TM since…I’m still grateful to God for this short time…I appreciate you sir…Only God knows how much I love and always pray for you.
God bless Uncle Timi, Aunty Titi, David, Esther, MINE Teenage Ministry and The Ark.
O. O. Lagos State.

4 thoughts on “God bless you!

  1. Damilola

    knowing MINE TM for 6months now has greatly blessed my life too… have been greatly blessed! always wishing i have known MINE TM 6years before 2015. God bless MINE TM!
    God bless TiTiMi! God bless all mine tm members!


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