The Love Series (Day 29): Love Comes From Him.

It feels like yesterday when we began The Love Series. We have gotten to the end now and I want to end with my ultimate love secret. Every professional chef has a secret ‘magic’ ingredient that makes all the difference. So does Doctor Love as regards my “love recipe”.

What’s it?


YOU CANNOT GIVE WHAT DON’T HAVE and YOU CANNOT HAVE WHAT YOU HAVEN’T RECEIVED. To give love, you have to receive love. Everybody who has met me can testify that I use my own prescriptions too. I live by love, talk in love and respond to things in love but I wasn’t always like that. I was a selfish, self-centered, proud young man until something happened that changed my life.

I met LOVE. I met Jesus. I received Him as Lord and Saviour and EVERYTHING changed for good. I mentioned many things in this series that I am sure you find rather abnormal or difficult or impossible. That’s where He comes in. The Holy Spirit, the Spirit of Love infuses strength to everyone who has accepted Jesus’ free gift of salvation and forgiveness. He empowers us to live like God, who is Love. We are able to love people in ways that others deem impossible.


Do you want to have a satisfying love life? It comes by opening up your life and heart to God through His Son, Jesus and receive the help of the Holy Spirit. Many times we try and fail because we are human beings but it gets much easier with help from above.

God loves you inspite of your past and He will always love you. Just rest in His love and then you would be able to freely love yourself and others. If a holy God loves you despite your weaknesses, you have no excuse not to love yourself or others, whether deserving or not.

I would end with this quote by Joyce Meyer. “Nothing you do wrong will make God love you less and nothing you do right will make Him love you more.”
In other words, God’s love for you is not dependent on your performance. But when you accept His love, your ‘performance’ improves by default.

I love you dearly and I ask that you allow Love (God) make that necessary change in your life. It was a joy walking with you on this 29-day journey. Please keep in touch and keep visiting this blog. And while at it, please KEEP LIVING and KEEP LOVING.

I love you.
Timi Adigun (Doctor Love)

24 thoughts on “The Love Series (Day 29): Love Comes From Him.

  1. Queen

    Woaw! It’s been an awesome journey on this train.every single post had pierced a part of me and I know of gotten a lot better by this…Thanks a lot Doc and may God richly and continuously bless you
    ps looking forward to more life changing topics ( I could give suggestions on topics I find confusing and would love to know more about ,if I get the honour sir)


  2. ADEBAYO damilola

    The Love series has greatly blessed me. God bless you sir and your family. And more of the grace of God and insights in Jesus name. You will never run out ideas on what to do per time in Jesus name.


  3. Ronke

    hmmmm, it really looked like yesterday when we started and it’s like February shouldn’t end so I could continue receiving the audios. My prayer for you is that God will perfect everything concerning you and your joy shall know no bounds. Thank you so much for everything that you have done and would still do. God bless your heart DAD. love you too


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