The Love Series (Day 27): Love Is Meant To Be Given Away!

Thank you for following this series through. In these last three days, I would be wrapping off the Love Series with three (3) aspects of love that make all the difference. Today, I’m saying, Love Is Meant To Be Given Away.

LOVE THAT IS NOT EXPRESSED IS NO LOVE. Love is for the next person seating beside you in the bus, for your flat mate, your tenant, your landlord, your boss, your driver, your house help, your vendor…the list is endless. You are to LOVE EVERYBODY.

I focused on romantic relationships in this series and partly on family relationships. But love is not restricted to only those you have feelings for or have obligations to. You’re called, as a love being that you are, to love everybody.

Everywhere you go, SAY A NICE WORD. Don’t insult people. Don’t steal from people. Don’t litter the ground (leaving a woman twice your age to bend and sweep your mess). Don’t break hearts. Don’t gossip, spoiling people’s reputations. In summary, don’t do evil.

Do good. Give a helping hand. Pay someone’s fees. Give out one or two of your many cars, or phones, or clothes, or jewelries, or houses, or lands, and more to people in need, ESPECIALLY those that can NEVER REPAY you at the moment. Just love!

If we all commit to loving, this world would be a better place. When the man in his SUV is loving enough to organize a free skills acquisition for all the young boys in this community, he wouldn’t need to look over his shoulder, wondering if a thief is tracking him down.

When that young man loves that 5 year old girl and doesn’t sexually abuse her, she won’t become a sex addict or a bitter woman in the future, looking for homes to destroy. We are the change we want to see.

I am Doctor Love, and I desire to see a world where everyone loves the next person not for ulterior motives but because that has become our lifestyle. Would you join me? We are the change this world has been hoping for.

That’s all for today. I would be back tomorrow with, Love Begins With You. You don’t want to miss that. Until then, please KEEP LIVING and KEEP LOVING.

I love you.
Timi Adigun (Doctor Love)

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