The Love Series (Day 23): Question 8

We have two questions today. Let me dive straight in.

What do you do when you have been in a relationship with someone and you both seemed perfect but then the relationship ended and you still can’t get over the person to the extent that it affects any new relationship?

Doctor Love:
Thank you for this question. I know many people have suffered this pain and unfortunately, may more would still do. This issue of break up is really avoidable if people know the basics of love as we have been discussing in The Love Series. Please share the series (text and audio) with all your family and friends. Let’s save hearts and restore relationships.
Back to your question, the deed has been done already. The relationship is over. Please, MOVE ON! I’m not saying it would be easy but it’s your only option. So, the earlier you get your emotions back in order and start moving on, the better.
How do you move on? There are several ways but let me mention a few:
1. Ask God for strength
2. Get busy with your career or academics.
3. Learn new skills or crafts.
4. Make MANY new friends of both genders.
5. Have fun; read books, go to the cinema, to shows, to concerts etc.
6. Stop stalking the person with calls or texts.
The major point here is FREE yourself. The vacuum needs to be filled. Build yourself back. Take time to get back on your feet. Like I said in point 7, now is the wrongest time to enter another relationship.
With time, you’d discover you’re not missing the person so much again. If you still need clarifications, please reach me personally.

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Hello Doctor Love, what if you are the best friend of the person who has a girlfriend. Moreover, you were friends before they started their relationship and you have no intention of coming between them?

Doctor Love:
This question came in as a response to Day 19 (Question 4). If you are the best friend, the truth is, you have feelings for your best friend. The feelings might be subtle but they are there. You won’t be able to deny feeling jealous if he begins to spend more time with his girlfriend and begins to tell her things he only used to tell you before.
So, what is my prescription, STEP ASIDE! He has found love. Let him be! If you sense sincerely and not out of selfishness, being his best friend, that the girl is wrong for him, then tell him. But if you know she’ll make him happy, then please back off and let him enjoy his love life.
Your days of being his best friend at over. Put yourself in the other shoes. You wouldn’t want one bestfriend somewhere distracting your man and keeping him away from you. Remember our Love Series 12, Love Knows When To Let Go. Best friend, please step down from that position and give it to the rightful owner!

Thanks for following this series. Please note, YOU ARE VERY FREE to use this series, excerpts or whole posts and/or podcasts, for your group studies or publications but please cite the author (Doctor Love) and the blog address.

I look forward to being back with you again tomorrow. Until then, please KEEP LIVING and KEEP LOVING.

I love you,
Timi Adigun (Doctor Love)

4 thoughts on “The Love Series (Day 23): Question 8

  1. Bisola

    Doctor Love, what can you say is the cause of this.
    A guy and a girl already in a serious relationship leading to marriage but lately, they both get angry over the phone for nothing. The communication has really gone down d drain because every sentence causes misunderstanding even if its a joke.
    Could it be because of external environs like stress or aggression transfer or the next thing i.e. they are both not interested again?


  2. TeeMie

    That moment You are really hoping the “best friend” seat is forever yours and then….someone else is the rightful owner. Hmm..
    Love knows when to let go….#Deep
    Doc. Love,is this series really wrapping up already?? oh No!


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