Deadline is close!

Do you want to know how you can write and publish two lengthy fiction books in ONE YEAR, Timi Adigun would teach you how he achieved that. That’s why it’s called mentorship. Teaching you to do what he has been able to do.

Do you want your blog to be able to attract over 47,200 views in 50 days? Timi Adigun did that with original content (not news or gossip) and he wants to teach you how to do same.


Youth Ministry
Are you passionate about youth ministry and you seem alone. Let Timi Adigun teach you how he grew an independent teens/youth ministry, in 7 years, into a ministry with a presence in at least 31 states of Nigeria and over 5 countries.

Public Speaking
Do you have a calling to speak in front of people and deliver a message you’re passionate about. Let Timi Adigun teach you the secret to achieving that with ease.

Timi Adigun dated/courted only one lady and is happily married to her today. He wants to mentor you and/or your spouse on how to enjoy a mutually satisfying relationship.

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