The Love Series (Day 15): Love Grows With Humility!

We have been talking about love for two weeks now, and this is the start of the third week. Please be reminded that I would start responding to questions from tomorrow so please send in your questions, even if they are private (your identity will be witheld); somebody else might just be going through the same thing and your asking would help him/her.

Okay! Today, I’m talking about Love Grows With Humility. A love relationship in which one or both parties is proud or conceited would have MANY problems. Love and pride cannot flow together. I’m sure you would have gotten a glimpse of that when we discussed Love as regards Forgiveness, Compromise, Sacrifice, Giving and more. But today, I want to throw a little more light on humility.

If you want your love relationship with your spouse, boo, child, parent, or what-have-you to flourish, you must garnish the plate of love with humility. Another way to put it, would be “respect for the other party”.

How? It’s simple.

Don’t think twice before you say I AM SORRY when she is upset. Please don’t defend yourself or give excuses. You can explain later. But at that particular point of offense, please say I AM SORRY. Don’t shorten it to SORRY. Spell it out I-AM-SORRY!!! and let it reflect in your voice and body language that you mean the apology. That’s humility (even if you were not at fault). That’s LOVE!

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Secondly, please make it a habit to say THANK YOU. In many love relationships, we take somethings forgranted and say “it’s his responisbility” or “am I to thank her for doing her job?”. Hey! That’s not love. Love appreciates and is humble enough to express it. Thank her for a beautiful meal. Thank him for the paid bills. Thank her for washing the dishes. Be appreciative. Only humble people can do that…a proof of love.

Thirdly, please make use of “please” in every request. Honour your loved one by respecting their person. Don’t bark out orders. Be polite about your demands. “Please, bring me a cup of tea”, “Please don’t forget to pick the children from school”, “Please shut the door behind you”, etc. Your home, relationship or friendship would experience a burst in “Love energy” when respect is the order of the day.

Finally, please be open with your loved one(s). That’s the highest form of humility. Be vulnerable with him/her. Don’t keep secrets, especially for married couples and/or couples soon to be married. I know it’s hard but I’m telling you what I live by. My wife knows ALL my secrets; good, bad and ugly…ALL!!! And I know all hers too. That’s humility! That’s LOVE!

NB: As regards opening up, please be sure you have a lifetime commitment to the person before you do that. If you need clarifications, I’m here for you.

So, reach out to that loved one today and show some respect and appreciation and KEEP AT IT for life. And for you, a husband or wife with a haunting secret, it’s time to tell your spouse. If you really need a trusted counsellor to intermediate because of how serious it is, you could reach me and I’ll be glad to help. The success of your love life is my joy.

Please share this post with all family and friends. You never know who needs this. Save a love relationship today! Social media share links are below this post. You could download the audios of this series on my podcast page and send to ALL your loved ones. It’s time for a LOVE REVOLUTION!

Please remember that I’ll start taking questions tomorrow. Until then, please KEEP LIVING and KEEP LOVING!!!

I love you!
Timi Adigun (Doctor Love)

12 thoughts on “The Love Series (Day 15): Love Grows With Humility!

  1. MJ

    Sir pls what happens when a loved one always wants to right, she never accepts she’s wrong or apologise? me personally am not in the habit of apologising when I did nothing wrong but if u say am wrong, I’ll try to argue am right but I’ll eventually say am sorry or no vex. that word AM SORRY is something am still learning to always avoid the argument.


  2. Olorunfemi iyanuloluwa blessing

    Wow….I just got to discover this blog…. I know it wasn’t just a mere coincidence, more grace sir!!Tiyin na oni baje*I hope u understand sir? lolz


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