The Love Series (Day 12): Love Knows When To Let Go!

We have discussed a couple of things about love. And now, we are about considering one of the most complicated aspects of love. It is quite difficult to accept and/or understand. We are discussing, Love Knows When To Let Go.

I have several loved ones, so trust me when I say I have faced this dilemma a couple of times. We will all face it at one point or the other in our love lives.

For a romantic relationship, you love someone deeply but the person doesn’t feel the same way and it hurts. You wish, hope, pray, desire, and at times even plead with the person but it just doesn’t change anything. What do you do?

For a family relationship, your spouse or child seems to be drifting away. You do all in your power to gain the person’s attention but it is just not working, the harder you try, the worse it gets. And it is so frustrating. What next?


That seems like the worst advice I’ve given on this series, right? It sounds crazy but it works. Maybe the person feels choked, give him or her some space. Let them breathe. Let Go…and LET GOD!!!

Does that make better sense now? You’ve tried on your own and it hasn’t worked, let God, who loves you and who can do ALL things, step in for you. On that basis, in your letting go, please do the following:

1. Keep being there for the person whenever he or she comes around.
2. Keep building yourself to becoming a better spouse or parent or child in the process.
3. Keep PRAYING.

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I have experienced a “return home” of several loved ones who walked out on me. Why did they come back:

1. I had previously laid a good foundation of love. I loved on them.
2. They knew I would be there whenever they returned.
3. I kept praying for them.
4. They felt safe when they returned
5. I did not for once accuse them or blame them for leaving.

Please notice I said “several”, not “all”. You might never gain some loved ones back. I don’t like talking about that but it’s the truth. So, I can only hope with you that your own loved one(s) would respond soonest and “come back to you”.

LOVE NEVER FAILS. Love works in strange ways. If you feel your case is peculiar and letting go might not work, please reach me personally.

And please don’t forget to post your questions as comments on my blog posts. I would be taking questions from Day Sixteen. Please remember to LET GO, LET LOVE, and LET GOD.

We continue tomorrow. Until then, KEEP LIVING and KEEP LOVING!

I love you!
Timi Adigun (Doctor Love)

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