The Love Series (Day 11): Love Is Sacrifice!

Welcome to Day Eleven of our Love Series. Yesterday, we discussed Love Entails Compromise, so let’s continue by talking about an aspect of love that is close to, but not the same as compromise. Love Is Sacrifice.

One of the definitions of sacrifice puts it this way : “To give away (something valuable) to get at least a possibility to gain something else of value. In context here, it would mean giving away your time, money, resources, and more to “gain” a person.

Source: Google Images 

Now, to point out the difference between Sacrifice and Compromise. Compromise refers to you responding to a “declared” need of your loved one that you wouldn’t do normally. Sacrifice, on the other hand, is you taking the initiative without being told, in going all out for your loved one. Doing things for him/her/them that costs you a lot without the person or people asking for it.

So, I could say, Compromise always involves Sacrifice but Sacrifice doesn’t always involve Compromise. Sacrifice might mean you doing something for your loved one that you really want to do but have not just committed enough time or resources into getting it done. Hope you understand the difference now.

But like I said yesterday. Please note two things. In sacrificing,
1. Please never lay your core values on the altar of sacrifice. Some things should NEVER be sacrificed!
2. Sacrifice is your own duty. Don’t demand it from the other person. When you demand sacrifice, it seemingly becomes manipulation. You just keep making sacrifices in love, someday soon, your loved one would start reciprocating without you nagging about it.

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I need to draw the curtains here. Please surprise that loved one today and do something very sacrificial to prove your love. And make “sacrifices” a regular occurrence in all your love relationships.

NB: Never rub your sacrifices in the face of your loved one(s), telling him/her/them all the sacrifices you’ve made. Nah! That spoils the party!

Tomorrow, I’d be discussing, “Love Knows When To Let Go”. Until you read from me tomorrow, please KEEP LIVING and KEEP LOVING.

I love you!
Timi Adigun (Doctor Love)

12 thoughts on “The Love Series (Day 11): Love Is Sacrifice!

  1. MJ

    Am loving this love month/series more n more. this is the best love month since I knew what February ( love month) stands for. Thank u so so much sir for this knowledge. I’ve learnt a lot and anticipating for tomorrow’s series. I wish this month won’t end quickly.


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