The Love Series (Day 6): Love Is Giving!

It’s amazing how time flies. We are already on Day Six of the Love Series and before you know it, Day Twenty-Nine would be here and we would be saying good bye. I sincerely hope you’ve been learning so far. Please remember to drop your questions and/or comments on the blog. Thank you.

I love today’s topic. It’s a combination of two words I love. We’d be discussing “Love Is Giving”. There’s a very popular quote and I’m almost certain you’ve heard it before but I don’t know the source. It’s a beautiful quote and I love it. It says, “You can give without loving but you cannot love without giving!”

So true!

A ritual-killer can give you N1,000 naira with a smile, knowing that when you take it, he’ll use you to make more money. A man can give you millions to keep you from divulging a secret. The point is people can give without loving. So, that he buys you expensive things, that she spends her salary on you is not enough proof of love. There might be a selfish intent behind it all.

However, you CANNOT love a person without giving to that person. The ultimate proof of love is giving. Now, giving can be in varying forms. TIME. MONEY. RESOURCES. ATTENTION and more.

Source: Google Images

I have given A LOT of money, time, attention, resources, my listening ear, my arms of comfort to SEVERAL loved ones. The proof that it is coming out of a heart of love is that I am excited giving to them. I don’t see my giving to them as a responsibility but as a joy. I don’t give them grudgingly but cheerfully. I even look forward to opportunities to give them again, and even give them more than the previous time. That’s LOVE.

And, the interesting thing about love is that it gives WITHOUT wanting or asking anything in return. The mere pleasure of seeing the loved one smile is enough! That’s LOVE! Do you claim to love her, what have you given her? Do you love him, when last did he receive something from you? When you love someone, you are both WILLING and EAGER to spend and be spent for them (within your means).

So, it’s time to increase your giving level. Let that person know your love is not just talk, it has action too. Let the giving begin!

Before I sign out today, I know you might be quick to want to share this with a loved one, indirectly letting them know they should step up on their giving to you. Don’t be too quick to do that until you read tomorrow’s post. I’ll be flipping the coin tomorrow. You don’t want to miss it.

Until then, I ask you to please KEEP LIVING and KEEP LOVING.

I love you!
Timi Adigun (Doctor Love)

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