The Love Series (Day 1): Love Never Fails!

I want to say a big THANK YOU to you that you’ve decided to follow me in this life-changing series. Love has changed, and is still changing, my life. This is an attempt to share my life with you and share principles that I live by. I personally employ you to ensure you follow this series for the complete 29 days and please practice what you learn…and if you’re in any way inspired, please share with your loved ones and encourage them to follow my blog via email so the new posts land in their inbox by default.


Now to today’s Love Topic!

Have you ever lost a battle that you fought in love? Have you ever lost a loved one, that you truly loved, to another person? Has love become a taboo word in your heart and soul because of the occurrences of your past?

If the answer to any of the above stated questions is YES, then indulge me as I say that IT WASN’T LOVE! Please don’t stop reading now. When you lie on a doctor’s operating table and he cuts you up, it hurts, but you trust him enough to stay there until he finishes and sews you back up. Just take me as your love doctor and I want to fix the love “sickness” you have. I desire to see you smile from deep within again because you have embraced love in its fullness.

TRUE LOVE, the type you would be growing in knowledge of in these 29days on this blog, NEVER FAILS.
What does “NEVER FAILS” mean?


* It never grows old
* It never faces an obstacle it cannot overcome
* It wins over (captures/endears) EVERY SINGLE person it’s shown to.
* It never has a down side
* It is infallible
* It outlives death
* It transcends time and space

These seven (7) points are just the few I presently choose to mention. When you begin understanding and living out the love life, you’d experience these seven and many more yourself.

Please take this love series as an academic course. Take it personal. Be deliberate and intentional. It’s time for you to have that lasting love relationship you’ve always wanted. It’s high time your husband/wife came back home! It’s time for family (parent-children) reconciliation. It’s time to truly fall in love with the guy/lady of your dreams. It’s time for LOVE!


I would be stopping here now, to continue tomorrow. This is just an introduction. Please stick with me for this whole month of February 2016 and we’d be both glad you did. Don’t forget to follow this blog if you haven’t. Encourage loved ones to follow too and please share this post on the social media networks via the links below.

Your love life is about to be REVOLUTIONIZED!!!

Until we “see” again tomorrow. Keep living. Keep loving!
I love you!

Timi Adigun (Doctor Love)

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