MINE in Ukraine!

Good evening sir, I was to send this to you a long time ago but I decided to wait for a while before doing it…

Remember I once told you that I wanted to leave my church because everything looked fake and they were more interested in the number than the people’s life and I remember saying that time was not given to us, they take without considering whether we students or not and all those things. I even wanted to leave the church cause I tot it was not worth the stress, but as you said I should pray for them and I think I also spoke with Aunty Queen and she said same things, truth is really wanted to give up and isolate myself from people so that I won’t be disturbed after alI, came to study and not “do church”.

But when I prayed, it went a long way not just changing the way I see things but also it changed me as a person. I don’t mind doing anything for the sake of God, I don’t mind spending my last, surprisingly, I once told God that if it means for my education to suffer for His sake I won’t mind and last semester (we just started our 2nd semester) was the best so far for me, I was declared as the best student in 2 difficult subjects, but looking at it I was busy doing God’s work, and all He told me was “as long as I do Hs work with all my heart, He can never let my education suffer”…

This enthusiasm came when I listened to one of ur messages during the SHIFT and somehow I was challenged, I prayed for my church and the people and have come to realise they’re more like family to me, and I appreciate God everyday for not making me leave…

And then as for the “waiting”, somehow before giving my life to Christ I hated people touching me (I had a bad experience while growing) without significance, but when I gave my life to Christ, I promised to keep it that way till I get married, and everyday you post any message concerning NOSUM, it motivates me a lot and keeps me going..

MINE will be in Ukraine soon, we are having our first meeting this Friday, but the name has not been announced yet (will be before the meeting)..

In general, thank you sir for not giving up on your purpose, 1 out of 20 teenagers will go out and impact the remaining 19. I was among the 19 that was impacted and by God’s grace, I’ve been able to impact some people that are impacting others as well, and the chain will just keep going on and on…

God bless you big time sir…

Nduonyi Ndiok, Ukraine

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