The “Nudity” craze is the men’s fault!


Thanks for visiting again. This is a heart-felt response to the other post, “Nudity, the new craze?”. Please read. Response by Queen. *Full name withheld for obvious reasons! ☺

I’m quite aware this might be mistaken for defensiveness, but if you can believe it…it isn’t. Most times, we tend to get carried away mentioning all the ways the women folk (Christian and non Christian) have lost the right route, made the society worse etc, and that at times fails to go well with me.

I believe in balance and that balance is this:
The 21st century lady feels comfortable parading round in morality mocking clothes because there is a 21st century guy who makes her feel angelic in such, even Christian husbands require their wives to dress in provocative manners at home (of course the word is, “it is for my eyes only” and I wonder, are the very sensitive teenagers at home blind to that too?)

Source: Google Images

That a 21st century lady spends quality hours drooling over front page magazine models, is because numerous 21st century guys have degradingly compared her to them.

That the 21st century lady no longer cherishes modest/sane clothes, makeup, shoes and even hairstyles, is because when she’s on them, not even one of a 21st century guy thinks to tell her how good she looks.

Source: Google Images

My point?
Let’s make a balance for generations, emphasis have been continuously laid on the woman’s morality whilst less attention has been paid to the man- if there are 80 moral women in every 100, and 20 moral men in every 100, let the 80 immoral men loose on the 80 moral women and tell me if the world’s present morality plight isn’t the end result – I rest my case.


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35 thoughts on “The “Nudity” craze is the men’s fault!

  1. She has a valid point. There’s a saying that good girls finish last and it’s even coming true in our churches today. That scantily dressed sister will always attract more attention from the brothers and even get settled before the ‘holy’ sister. It’s hard to be determined to dress modestly when you think there’s no point. It requires a lot of grace and maturity to hold on to godly precepts.
    We shouldn’t just educate our girls on this matter but boys too, I even think they need it more because the world tells them that they are weak and cannot be trusted to resist temptation (big lie).

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  2. Wooow Queen thanks for this exposition. Lest the men feel like they have escaped the spot light of scrutiny. I hope all men read this with ultimate emphasis the last paragraph of this article. I would however, with regard and respect for what u have rightly said, point out that this calls for the ladies to step up their self image and estimation of values, you still cannot allow the definition of the reprobate-minded men to snatch your values from you. The women are not the problem, and probably neither are the men cos who then is to blame for one’s personal distraction? The distracted or the distractor?

    A great man once said, no matter how badly u squash a cockroach underfoot, blood can never come out. It is because it just doesn’t have it, irrespective of the number of other mammal that have red blood. If we encourage our ladies and their male siblings on the values they must have and stand by, then no matter how many whore mongers and nudity craving men await them out there, they would still stand for what is right.

    I can relate to the fact that ladies are words-susceptible and highly emotional as regards what their boyfriends, lovers, husbands or other loved ones say, please keep in mind that you are gonna give PERSONAL account before your maker not State or national account.

    And to that boy or man that commits to reversing every goodwill a lady stands for because she likes you so much and is willing to do anything to keep you, simply because of ur insatiable craze for sensuality, please keep in mind that you are a king that should raise champions, not extinguish them. Don’t let any lady invest and lay down her virtues on your platter of sin and greed.

    I rest my case and stand beside queen… ****smiling.

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  3. temilola

    this is so so so true well said Queen ok,there is this christian guy I know infact the evangelism coordinator of his Baptist church o we got talking recently and he told me that as much as he likes me he say he cannot pray I should be his missing rib I was dumbfounded I asked why he said ehn me am not fashionable say no earrings no chain no trousers just skirts and tops or shirts that even when I use earrings I don’t use big ones let’s say it is another girl that doesn’t know what she wants that little conversation is enough to make the girl start wearing exposing dresses simply because she ll think that is what all guys are thinking.if u ask me our nowadays guys the brothers are the ones pushing the not so wise girls into nude dressing..preach it o @Simeonoldrugged..


  4. Okoduwa Blessing

    What she said is not wrong. To me a 21st century lady wants to dress and do what other ladies around them do. In the sense that, ladies love attention and they’ve got to do what they need to to do, to get what they want.

    In essence, let us train our boys the same way we train our girls to strike a balance in between. All the blame should not be placed on the lady alone.


    1. Queen

      Wow blessing! You just hit the hammer on the head of the nail ‘Gbam!’…. That’s exactly what I’m saying,train the male child in same manner as the female,give them even attention

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  5. Queen

    True word Ma- a typical African mother believes her son is only becoming a man when she catches him fondling his morning hard on from sleep (sorry if that sounded vulgar, couldn’t find a subtler and more modest word)
    The male child is made to believe how near impossible it is to keep his boxers on(which like you rightly stated,is a big big lie,as made obvious by men like my pastor and Uncle Timi),whilst the female child is told how abominable it is to spread her legs before marriage ** And I wonder, who then hormone powered Male child go after if not the vulnerable and naive female?
    Anyway, the generations before us made that mistake based on what little they knew, All thanks to God and the Holy spirit,I know better and you do too- We can’t afford to repeat such mistakes,God help us

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  6. Queen

    Thanks a lot Simeon, it’s a relief to not see you coming after me with bows and arrows- in response to your requesting the ladies to step up their self image and estimation of value,I quite agree.However, you know it and I know it but how many others know it too?
    From tender,the girl child is taught values, morals and even skills for what reasons? so she can be accepted by the male folk in due time.From tender she is taught to depend on the male folk for a right definition of ‘self image’,in times past mothers beautified their growing daughters not so they feel good and comfortable,but so she catches the eyes of the right man.
    The girl child is made ( most times coerced) to learn chores and skills(culinary involved) so her husband doest send her packing in the future
    So you see? like I’ll always say though,thanks to teacher Holy spirit, we can’t make such mistakes- I know I’ll be such a radical mother in future,I’m already gearing up for the battle

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  7. Adebola Adetimole

    The scripture has made me understand that we won’t wear skimpy/indecent clothes in heaven. So why not get used to decent clothings while your still on the earth? Besides, a greater percentage of our lives will be spent in heaven. Any one who has an effective relationship with Jesus will have the HolySpirit’s guidance on how to dress well. If you tell me the Lord looks at the heart, well, we see your heart through the way you dress!


  8. Oyoh Melody

    cooooommon na, I totally agree with you QUEEN oh,it’s a matter of balance… I wanna stress something here our dressing, morals and everything is To glorify God and not really to attract anyone or anybody…..Let’s Get it Right Please. ……


  9. *painful smiles*…I can site a typical example of this, less than two months ago,a roommate of mine was celebrating her birthday, and after the little house party which made me wonder what people called ‘birthday celebration’,her boyfriend came to pick her up for an all night party,I watched her get dressed in a three quarter jean and a body hug polo I think.when she was done,her BF said ‘you can’t go for the party in those’,they went out and argued for a while and I was wondering if the problem was d colour combination. My face formed a hard frown and the fury and bitterness in my heart knew no bounds, when she came in and changed into a bom-short and sleeveless top If I can remember d top well…I’ve seen girls defy their conscience, sense of reason and belief just to please their boyfriends…I am of the view and in support that there should be a balance, let our brothers stop turning the ladies into what they don’t want to and shouldn’t be.The society has placed a lot of pressure on the female folks,and d guys have been totally neglected and given free hand,the ladies are totally blamed for any issue concerned with indecency.let there be balance, Let’s help save our women and in turn save the world.


  10. Huwehm

    Yes of course men played a major part in this nudity fad by attributing attractiveness to how much a woman can reveal her body. It’s tough for women to ignore the fact that they are not getting attention from the men folk, it’s a natural thing. Sitting down to think about the trend of this free fall of morals in dressing… It looks hopeless. Men – most men – will still find themselves gravitating towards the women that display “I’m healthy, I’m fertile…” and all those things biology does to make two people meet for the purpose of procreation. If we are looking for what to blame, it’s the media… Money… Economics. You want to be successful in business, you have to attract customers. And for the media this implies feeding the people with things that are APPEALING TO THE SENSES. Ultimately, only God can salvage the situation and if you check the prophesies in the bible you’ll know what’s going to happen…


  11. Awoyemi Oluyinka David

    Okay great posts everyone but then I’m not in support of nudity and this craze has got to stop but then let’s take a deeper look at it o!!! Just cos we’ve been admonished to stop nudity doesn’t mean we should not dress well. Don’t get me wrong here, I’m not promoting nudity, I’m just saying we should dress modestly and well too.


  12. Whew! I finally read through the comments…and I must say that they were quite insightful! Thanks for all for sharing. I have a little angle though that might be a little different from what has been expressed. I very much agree that nudity isn’t appropriate. I also do agree that the male population should also be given as much ‘attention’ as the females are. However, I’m not sure I would want to excuse a lady that says the reason she’s living a way she is or dressing the way she is is because a silly, shortsighted guy somewhere fancies or ask her to dress like that…doesn’t that speak then that our ladies need to really be EDUCATED and EXPOSED to their own innate value and the strength of their sexuality? I’m not trying to let the guys off the hook, but am saying, I may not be responsible for someone’s action, but the response I give, irrespective of the factors that might make me arrive at that decision, is MY RESPONSIBILITY.

    Yes, teach the guys to appreciate decency…but most importantly the female population should be shown how there’s dignity in decency. When they(females) understand this, it becomes difficult for one guy somewhere to ‘bobo’ them around.

    I hope you understand?

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  13. staren

    Ok, I’ve worn this shoe of dressing scantily to please a guy, n I know where it pinches…
    Till the day you find out your self worth, and know that someone who loves you, would keep loving you though u dont dress scantily, that someone who loves u would respect your wish with regards to what you want to wear, and then this amazing fact, the guy who wants you to go half-naked may just be after your body and not your heart, you keep being a slave to a myopic individual out there.


  14. I agree totally with what Mr. Arometobi have said! And I’ll also love to say;

    The principles of God never changes with time! The way it was 100 years ago is exactly how it is now and will remain the same 500 years to come I.e. if Jesus tarries.

    Therefore I don’t believe there’s anything like THE 21ST CENTURY CHRISTIAN-LADY/GUY in the bible!
    The mere fact that every other person is doing it doesn’t mean it is right and that you should join! Be ye separated from them… Says the scripture!

    Now if I may ask; why do we dress? I believe our personality should influence our dressing! So if you are born of God, then your boyfriend or girl friend shouldn’t dictate your dressing… Rather it should be the work of the Holy Spirit who lives in you and will GUIDE YOU INTO ALL TRUTH!

    Note: irrespective of the love and respect you have for your spouse, that person shouldn’t take the place of God in your life!
    Jesus is our perfect example… So the question shouldn’t be; would my boyfriend like this outfit? But would Jesus like it?

    Jesus wouldn’t have any issue going out with a girl who is putting on bum-short… If he knows the girl is yet to be saved!!!

    But Jesus won’t be proud walking with a girl on bum-short who has been saved already!
    That’s because you are permitted to come to Jesus the way you are, but you ain’t permitted to remain the same!

    I conclude my saying; “All things are lawful unto me, but all things are not expedient: all things are lawful for me, BUT I WILL NOT BE BROUGHT UNDER THE POWER OF ANY!.” 1 Corinthians: 6. 12.

    Philippians: 4. 8. “Finally, brethren, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report; if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think on these things.”

    There’s no excuse to nudity… IT IS NOBODY’S FAULT!!!
    #Thank you!!!


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