The Naked Man!


Thanks for visiting my blog again. Today, I have a very serious issue on my mind. It deals with nakedness but not literarily. You would get my drift shortly.

Nakedness typically denotes shame. When a person runs mad, one of the first things those around him try to stop him from doing (apart from running out) is “tearing his clothes off”. Remember when Jesus healed the mad man in scriptures,  the first thing He did was to clothe him. So, do we get who is trying to unclothe the world today?

But that’s not my point today.

I went for a function yesterday and I saw many celebrities and all. You know I’m still upcoming (covers face) and people were famzing them and taking selfies with them as I watched on in admiration. I had to leave before the function ended because I had an appointment to keep and only a few people even knew I existed at the “celebrities’ function”.

But guess what?

When I got home, David and Esther were so excited to see me and came to hug me. When I got upstairs, my wife literarily danced, happy I was back home and hugged me, all smiles. My family had missed me.


Just this morning,  about 3am, Sunday January 24th, 2016, my wife started my day with “I love you.” Then, I got a text from my mum. She was blessing me. Right in my sitting room, I knelt as I read the text and said heart felt and believing AMEN’s. That was a great start to my day.

Why am I telling you this? You NEED your family. Don’t go around chasing money and fame and you neglect your loved ones. A man without a family is NAKED!!! If after you’ve acquired all the fame and wealth, you don’t have a family, you’d live with so much SHAME and REGRET. That’s a promise. Please re-order your priorities.

Spend time with your husband. Love on your wife. Be there for your children. Visit your parents. HAVE and KEEP your FAMILY.

Now, as an aside, for those who are either worried or critical; asking why I’m “exposing” my family to the world with pictures and daily occurrences. Please know I’d rather prefer a quiet life but that won’t work.

Confused people who are doing wrong are doing reality shows and showing their “wrong way of living” to the world and many people are being derailed. I would choose to do same and hope to save at least ONE PERSON from making damaging life mistakes by exposing my private life to the world for God’s glory and their joy.


Don’t worry about me. God blessed me with my wife and children and everything else I have; He’ll keep us. “THE BLESSING OF THE LORD, IT MAKES RICH AND HE ADDS NO SORROW TO IT.” We’ll be fine.

Please share this post on all your social media platforms. The links are beneath this post. Save a life. Save a family. Restore values. Make a weeping wife glad. Make rebelling children come home. Let’s restore the value of FAMILY.


I love you!

44 thoughts on “The Naked Man!

  1. Obaba Oluwadara

    Thank you sir!. I look forward to having a wonderfully family blessed with godly child’s.. God bless you and your family sir.
    Oh and you are a celebrity in God’s house, I celebrate you sir!


  2. Chidiebere

    There’s no other best feeling than to know that no matter what, with paparazzi or not, there are people who will always call you celebrity….
    Love Family, Love Friends, Love Life.
    Ese Gan sir!


  3. becca

    i have always been skeptical about marriage, i seem not to make a decision if I wanted to be married someday. But anytime I read your post I always feel the joy of Marriage. Tanks a lot sir GOD bless your richly.


  4. Jumoke Racheal Adetuberu

    Awesome post. Beautiful Family. Thanks for reminding me of another of the MANY things I’m thankful for. More Grace sir.


  5. Family is great responsibility, a failing society, community and nation is traceable to a failing family. Our families wont fail the creator of Families in Jesus name. Amen. Psm68:6a he sets the solitary in families. Thank u man of God. Your family is admirable sir. *i receive DoublePortion OF ur family Grace by faith*Amen.


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